Subliminal Reprogramming | Simple & Easy 4-Step Method

Loyd Mears

You can use subliminal messages to reprogram your subconscious mind by following some simple techniques to establish good thought patterns and eliminate bad ones.

It’s not magic so you have to actually do something to get results. You can think more positively, overcome self doubts, eliminate bad habits and create good ones and ultimately get what you want in your life.

Here are the steps you need to take for effective subliminal reprogramming:

  • Use subliminal reprogramming best by first identifying self doubts and unproductive behaviors.
  • Then, replace your negative thoughts and counterproductive programming with positive subliminal messages.
  • Next, create your own positive mantra to repeat daily.
  • Finally, set SMART goals.

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How Does ‘Old’ Programming Affect You Now?

Now that you’re an adult, you may believe that you can simply forget the damaging or false messages you internalized early in your life as a child and teen. Unfortunately, it isn’t quite that easy.

Realize that all of this information is stowed subconsciously and outside of your level of conscious awareness. You will become painfully aware of it when it blocks your progress towards a more balanced, successful and happy life.

Have you ever wanted to achieve a goal and kept undermining yourself? Exasperating, isn’t it? It’s important to understand that you’re not abnormal or destined for failure no matter what you do. Your human mind is functioning perfectly, but with bad programming that you can repair with some effort. Your programming is conflicting in some way with your goals.

This is good news because new programming that is consistent with your goals is equally powerful in propelling you to achieve almost anything if you consistently and correctly reprogram your subconscious mind.

The Programming Never Stops

Before you learn how to reprogram your subconscious, you must realize fully that the subconscious programming never stops. Every situation that you face makes you draw particular conclusions and reinforces programming messages that will steer your future behaviors.

For example, what sort of message do you think is stored if you are rejected by someone that really mattered to you? Your subconscious mind — that coldly efficient machine — would immediately search through your memories and find other times you faced rejection — like that time a friend abandoned you to hang out with the popular kids — and decide that you’re undeserving or unlikable and should be rejected.

Now, here’s something very interesting, when something happens that causes conflict with an established belief, your subconscious mind will reject it or reframe it so it stops conflicting with your current belief.

To fully understand how powerful this is, let’s look at an example.

Let’s say you have a subconscious view that you’re not attractive.

When someone you see as attractive shows interest in you, that conflicts with your established belief of not being attractive yourself.

Young man and woman smiling

Most likely the first thing you’re going to do is feel unworthy and maybe not really believe the person is genuinely interested in you. You can’t believe that someone could find you attractive because you subconsciously view yourself as being unattractive.

Outside of your conscious awareness, your subconscious mind is shrieking, “No way! I’m not attractive enough for this person to be interested in me, something isn’t right here…” Then, your subconscious programming causes you to behave in a self destructive way to sabotage your opportunity or to reject the person before they can reject you.

The same forces intervene when you set out to achieve your goals. At some point, programming that says you aren’t capable or worthy of success, interferes with your efforts. So. you come to subconsciously expect failure and end up doing just that again and again.

You can likely think of many other situations where your subconscious mind restricts you. Not to worry, reprogramming yourself is simple to learn.

Subliminal Reprogramming With Positive Mindset

Identify your self-doubts.

woman thinking

Research has shown that self-doubts or limiting thoughts about yourself hinder your ability to perform well and achieve what you are already capable of. So, if you have programmed a habit of doubting your abilities and your opportunities to succeed, then you may be dooming yourself to fail to reach your goals.

Never forget that failure is a part of the process for everyone, but those who ultimately reach their goals never quit. Don’t let programmed doubts can cause you to quit because you don’t believe you can get there. So, find out what is holding you back and change it.

Whenever you find yourself having negative thoughts about yourself or your abilities, step back and ask yourself where that thinking comes from. Question what evidence you have that you cannot overcome failures and challenges to reach your goal. Before long you’ll see that self-doubts don’t have any foundation in reality. You won’t find out if you can succeed or not unless you keep trying.

Replace any of your negative self talk with positive affirmations.

By shifting your language, you will change your psychology and eliminate negative subconscious habits and thoughts.

  • Observe yourself and your thoughts continuously. Every time a thought raises a red flag, stop and think about it. Was it negative? Self-destructive? What caused it? Is it logical? Is it addictive? You will begin to see a pattern to your thoughts when you practice self-awareness.
  • Write down your thoughts as they come up. This makes it easier to see what your patterns are. They could be pessimistic, cynical, self-deprecating, worrying, anything. It’s also a useful way to notice the ridiculous chatter in your head and get rid of it.
  • Identify your thought patterns. After a week or so, take a close look at your patterns. Maybe your thoughts are negative. You may be critical of yourself or others or you have unnecessary thoughts that are unimportant or detrimental to you. For each person it is different. Once you define your pattern, you can stop it. When you finally have an understanding about yourself, it can stop your destructive thinking. That’s when your change can begin. After all, you have to understand what’s happening before you can fix it.
  • Using subliminal messages, program your mind with positive messages that counter your negative habits. Use affirmations like “I can do this!” to replace a habit of thinking “I can’t do this!” Instead of thinking “I fail at everything,” program yourself with messages like “I will succeed!”

Whenever you catch yourself falling back into negative self-talk, stop and take a few deep breaths. Think about why you are thinking these negative thoughts. Identify the reasons that caused you to have these thoughts. Make a note that these components are triggers and double your efforts and determination to keep positively affirming yourself.

This change in your thinking habits won’t happen overnight. It takes time, persistence and consistency. Keep a positive mindset as you progress toward getting rid of negative subconscious thought patterns and behaviors.

Create your own positive mantra.

When you begin to feel stressed or anxious, calm yourself and squelch negative thoughts by repeating your own positive mantra. Use the mantra consistently and you will subdue negative thoughts and actions that come from your subconscious mind.

  • Recognize your negative thoughts and refuse to accept that your self-judgement is true. Create a positive mantra by finding the opposite of your self-criticism. Come up with a few mantras that express the same idea and use them in turn.
subliminal reprogramming with headphones
  • Select an area in your body to anchor the positivity. The anchor area can be anywhere. For example, you could choose your heart, chest, stomach or head.
  • Place your hand on the area as you repeat your mantra. Focus your mind on this action and feel your confidence rise. If you feel that you are not smart enough, your mantras would be “I am smart enough,” “I am smart,” and “I am intelligent.”

A Better Way to Approach Your Goals


Before you reprogram your subconscious to take advantage of its abilities’ you should try looking at your goals and aspirations in a new way. Dream big and also be realistic by setting reasonable goals you can achieve.

The best way to plan goals is with S.M.A.R.T. goals: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Results-focused, and Time-bound.

  • Specific – be clear (lose 10 pounds) about what you want to do. Don’t be vague (lose weight).
  • Measurable – make sure you can quantify your goal so you know when you have done it. (run 3 miles 5 times a week)
  • Action Oriented Steps – include interim goals that are steps to achieve your overall goal. If you want to lose 15 pounds then you should have sub goals like exercise 30 minutes every day and eat 1500 calories or less. Use steps that will lead to the outcome you want.
  • Realistic – don’t set yourself up for failure by setting a goal that can’t be accomplished. Make sure your goal is something that you can reasonably achieve, given your current or soon-to-be-acquired knowledge and skills.
  • Time-bound – set a  realistic timeframe to reach your goals. Be realistic enough to let you do the necessary work to get it done. At the same time, create some sense of urgency (self-imposed deadline) to avoid continuous procrastination.

An example of a SMART goal would be to finish a 200 page book within the next 6 months. The goal would include sub-goals of finishing 8 pages per week @ 500 words per page (571 words per day).  So in this case, you would focus your energy on writing 571 words or more each day to reach your goal.

Subliminal Reprogramming Conclusion

Again, you can use subliminal messages to reprogram your subconscious mind by following some simple techniques to establish good thought patterns and eliminate bad ones. Here is a brief list of actions you can follow to effectively reprogram your mind.

  • Identify self doubts and unproductive behavior so you can plan your reprogramming.
  • Replace your negative thoughts and counterproductive programming with positive affirmations.
  • Create your own positive mantra and use it when you feel negative or have negative thoughts.
  • Set SMART goals and work to achieve your desires.

Best wishes in your reprogramming efforts!


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