How Many Subliminals Can You Listen To In A Day?

Loyd Mears

We have gotten a lot of questions recently asking, “How many Subliminals can you listen to in a day?” That’s a great question with a lot of factors to examine.

However, the short answer is that the number of Subliminals you can listen to is only limited by time (24 hours) and delivery speed. You can spend day and night listening to Subliminals.

How Many Subliminals Can You Listen To In A Day?

“The number of Subliminals you can listen to in a day is only limited by the 24 hours in a day and the delivery speed of your subliminal audio.”

With good quality subliminal software, you can create subliminal affirmations and listen to them continuously. In addition, certain software programs generate subliminal messages without background music or ambient sounds. These are “Silent Subliminal Messages” you can listen to without distracting music or ambient soundtracks. Plus, you don’t need headphones for listening, except if you want to use isochronic and binaural technology.

Isochronic Tones

Isochronic tones are tones that are rapidly on and off. Using them creates distinct pulses of sound.

Binaural Beats

The binaural recording uses two microphones arranged so that the listener has the sense of being in the room with the performers or instruments during the recording.


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How Many Subliminals Should Be In A Playlist?

When you use subliminal messages to reprogram your subconscious, you should limit your messages to one goal. That means your playlist will be limited to the number of affirmations you create around that goal. 

Usually, a subliminal program has 10 – 25 variations of affirmations aimed at the same objective. Let’s look at confidence subliminal affirmations as an example. Here’s a list of subliminal affirmations for confidence from popular subliminal software. It has 16 affirmation variations created for confidence building.

Confidence Building Affirmations Examples

  • I have confidence in what I want
  • I have confidence in myself
  • I trust my decisions
  • I trust my feelings
  • I can sense who I can trust
  • I can do any job well
  • I can succeed in anything I propose to
  • I always exceed people’s expectations
  • I am strong
  • I have a strong temper in my beliefs
  • I can resolve my doubts easily
  • I can resolve my doubts quickly
  • People tend to trust me
  • I am a positive thinker
  • I have a positive attitude
  • I have optimism

Ultimately, you can populate your playlist with as many Subliminals as you like as long as they are designed around one goal.

How Many Subliminals Can I Listen To At Once

You should effectively listen to one subliminal message at a time. If you try to listen to multiple Subliminals simultaneously, it will make your recordings useless. Subliminals are powerful because they are messages that bypass your conscious guardian and penetrate your subconscious. 

It’s a complete waste of time to try to listen to multiple messages at the same time. You will defeat your purpose.

When Should I Listen To Subliminals?

You can listen to Subliminals any time as long as any audible music or ambient sounds aren’t distracting. For example, I have made exercise tracks with subliminal messages to listen to when I exercise. 

I also listen to Subliminals when I go to sleep. I start listening when I lie down, and the tracks I use are 2-3 hours long. I fall asleep listening and continue for a few hours while sleeping.

As I work or relax on my computer, I listen to silent subliminal messages. I use special software to make subliminal recordings and to flash subliminal messages on my computer screen.

What’s The Best Way To Listen To Subliminals?

The best way to listen to Subliminals is with good-quality headphones. That’s because using brainwave entrainment is the most powerful subliminal technique, and it requires headphones.

By using pulsed sound, light, or electromagnetic fields, brainwave entrainment induces a specific brain state. Through the ‘frequency following response,’ the brain aligns its waves with the frequency of the beat.

Can I Listen To Subliminals Without Headphones?

Yes! I never use headphones, and I’ve had excellent results listening to subliminal programming. You can read my review and report if you want details about my results.

I use BlueTooth earbuds when I listen to subliminal affirmations while exercising. In addition, I use my audio speakers to listen while I sleep. I have one speaker positioned on each side of my bed.

You can listen effectively without headphones except when using binaural beats and isochronic tones. In that case, you need headphones or good earbuds.

Can I Listen To Subliminals While Studying?

As long as the music or ambient sounds on your subliminal audio recording aren’t distracting, you can listen while studying. I use special software that produces silent subliminal audio tracks. If you can’t find a comfortable audio sound to use when you study, I suggest you try silent subliminal messaging

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How Many Subliminals Should You Listen To?

You should listen to subliminal messages designed around one goal you want to accomplish. If you mix in different goals, you dilute the effectiveness of subliminal programming. 

There is a myth that we only use 10% of our brain. As a result, some may think they can bombard the subconscious with as many messages as possible as fast as possible. It’s not true. 

So, limit your subliminal messages to one objective at a time, and you’ll get the best results. There are ways to speed up the results in this article: “9 Simple Secrets To Make Subliminals Work Faster“.

How Many Subliminals Can I Layer

Layering and bundling, as it’s sometimes called, is a complete waste of time. However, it may sound appealing because it pretends to somehow magically inject these jumbled layers of subliminal messages into your subconscious. 

layering subliminal messages

It seems as if people believe the programming from The Matrix movie is real.

But, unfortunately, the Matrix is a movie, and the ability to program your mind like the matrix is magical fiction.

Your subconscious is not a superpower that can detect different messages layered on top of each other. It’s no different than having 5 people all speaking to you at the same time. You cannot listen to all of them at once.

How Long Should I Listen To Subliminals

You can listen to Subliminals continuously when you have time to listen if you like. However, you should listen to subliminal messages that are designed around one goal. Training your subconscious like any other training. You need to focus and get a lot of repetition to improve.

Listen to Subliminals day and night. Also, take advantage of modern software that flashes subliminal affirmations on your screen and delivers silent audio of those same affirmations.

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How To Listen To Subliminals Overnight

How To Listen To Subliminals Overnight

Listening to Subliminals while sleeping is very effective.

To maximize your success and benefits, listen to your affirmations for at least 90 minutes, capturing the first sleep cycle of the night. Your subconscious mind is most stimulated and active in its development here. 

Additionally, listen to your affirmations continuously throughout the night to increase absorption. The more you play affirmation games, the more deeply they are imprinted in your subconscious mind.

Affirmations are most effective during sleep because your mind and brain naturally produce a chemical that slows brain activity. As a result, you enter a theta brain state, which is hypnotic or dream-like. 

When you enter a theta brain state, your conscious mind or awareness is turned off, stimulated by your subconscious mind. Now that the subconscious mind is open, reprogramming can begin.

At this point, your mind transitions from awake to rest by listening to your affirmation. Thus, your words and statements have left an indelible imprint on your subconscious mind. 

The words and messages that enter your mind are not blocked because your conscious mind is turned off. Instead, the subconscious mind freely absorbs the affirmations, which begins to believe the messages are true.

YouTube Subliminals


There are thousands of subliminal videos on YouTube. But, unfortunately, it’s very difficult to know how the subliminal tracks were recorded. You can’t know if the videos even have subliminal recordings or simply have audio music and ambient sounds.

I don’t recommend relying on YouTube subliminal recordings. Instead, I suggest you use reliable sources. Here is a link to the best subliminal audio programs.

Subliminal MP3s

There are many very high-quality subliminal programs available in MP3 format. These are made by established companies with long-term business goals and guarantees. Suppose you want assurances that your subliminal programs are genuine. In that case, this is the best route, along with using your own subliminal maker software.

Subliminal Software

The best way to create Subliminals for your specific needs with quality assurances is with your own subliminal software. We recommend MindZoom for many reasons. You can read a review and a report of excellent results here.

The Final Word About How Many Subliminals Can You Listen To In A Day

The most important lessons I learned when I had success with subliminal programming were focusing on one goal and not quitting. Also, I suggest that you are careful to: 

  • Avoid chasing after “shiny objects,” the new ideas you are bound to come across. 
  • Avoid jumping around trying different things without staying with one thing long enough to succeed.

I hope you find great success and happiness!