How To Use Subliminals | 6 Keys To Success

Subliminal messages are an effective method of reaching the subconscious mind. If you learn how to use Subliminals, you can attain long-term change by going around your irrational conscious mind.

Loyd Mears

Bad habits cause you pain, ruin your health, hurt your loved ones, damage your career, cost you money, or simply waste your time.

Most of us want to have better habits, learn faster, be happier and be successful. Subliminals can help you achieve those goals.

Good habits would make your life so much better? How is it some people can learn incredibly fast, have an amazing memory, or be fearless?

Subliminal messages are an excellent brain retraining tool for removing roadblocks that prevent you from making significant progress.

How To Use Subliminals | 6 Keys

The most important advice for using Subliminals is to be consistent every day, focus on one goal at a time, and don’t quit. Here are more details to explain the whole process in depth.

1. Use Subliminal Messages While You Sleep

Listening To Affirmations While Sleeping

Subliminal messages during sleep can assist you in making significant changes and sticking with them for the long term.

For example, you can turn your 6-8 hours of sleep window into a personal development seminar with minimal effort.

By exposing your mind to subliminal messages, you can easily devote a third of your day to overcoming the most difficult issues and programming your subconscious mind to eliminate toxic inner voices.

Complete Guide For Listening To Subliminals While Sleeping

2. Use Software To Flash Subliminals On Your Computer Screen

Subliminal messages, as you may be aware, can be transmitted not only audibly but also visually.

The visual subliminal messages will appear on your computer screen as quick flashes. You can invest only a few minutes per day in this method of subliminal messages. Positive affirmations comprise the subliminal messages, and repeated exposure to them will form a new neural network in your brain.

All of this means that you can become the person you want to be. You can literally shape your reality and become a deliberate creator!

Subliminal affirmations have the potential to become your new desired reality. You can finally allow yourself to become the powerful, centered individual you desire. You can easily manifest affirmations and make them come true by using subliminal messages in the form of flashes.

Setting up subliminal messages on your PC is very simple with inexpensive software that’s easy to use and very powerful.


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3. Listen To Audio Subliminals

Although it is best to listen to subliminal messages when the mind is open, there are other effective ways to use Subliminals during the day.

Girl listening to subliminal messages with headphones

It is highly effective to listen to MP3 subliminal meditations in the background during the day in addition to subliminal flashes.

Read about the subliminal software for PC and MAC that does it all.

Cooking, cleaning the house, taking a relaxing bath, or watching your favorite TV show are all options.

Is it realistic for the subconscious mind to absorb subliminal messages and be programmed while we are awake? Absolutely! The brain operates on beta waves during waking hours, but new information can still reach the subconscious mind. Therefore, new information is constantly being fed into the subconscious.

The only difference is that we can easily communicate with the subconscious mind when alpha and theta waves are produced. During the day, we don’t have to deliberately communicate with the subconscious; we can simply allow it to absorb subliminal messages on its own.

4. Use Notes As Subliminal Input

Position notes in various locations around your house. While doing your normal household activities, such as brushing your teeth, wearing clothes, or playing computer games, you can make your mind absorb new beliefs subconsciously.

When you’re busy during the day, your consciousness isn’t focused on the notes you made. So their content finds a direct path to your subconscious mind and, over time, shifts it.

Keeping a little card on the top corner of your computer with a positive affirmation on it will have a subliminal message effect, even though you stop consciously paying attention to it.

5. Maximize Your Repetition To Reprogram Your Subconscious

It’s necessary to play the MP3 Subliminals for several hours to maintain a continuous stream of messages. Consistency and repetition are two major keys to physically rewiring your brain’s neural paths and succeeding in this process.

  • Allow as much of the audio with the subliminal messages to play as possible. Therefore, even if you can’t hear the suggestions and affirmations, you can be confident that your subconscious mind will record them.
  • You don’t have to wear headphones when listening to subliminal messages or meditations (although they are recommended to maximize your results, but not essential}. You can still go about your daily routine at home while programming your subconscious!
  • Subliminal messages are known as the lazy method because they do not require you to do anything! Please keep in mind, however, that you should pay attention to your thought and behavior patterns. Raising awareness of your conditioning is a critical piece of the puzzle if you want to pursue deep healing on a cellular level.

6. Use Multiple Channels

To get the best results, play the MP3 subliminal messages all day. (So long as the subliminal sessions don’t include brainwave entrainment.)

  • Then, listen to the audio subliminal messages for an hour before bed,
  • watch the visual subliminal flashes on your PC screen,
  • and listen to the subliminal messages before sleep.

You won’t notice the subliminal messages. Simply carry on, as usual, allowing your subconscious mind to receive all of the messages from around you. It’s simple and enjoyable.

Soon after, you’ll notice a difference, but you won’t know what it is or how to describe it.

You will sense that something positive is happening within you. It will become clearer after a few weeks: you will feel more calm, relaxed, secure, and mentally strong. You’ll have a sense of being grounded and balanced, happy and positive, energetic and vibrant.

DIY Mind Design Also Has A Complete Guide To Subliminal Messages.

Improve The Impact Of Subliminal Messages

Improve Impact Of Subliminal Messages

Have A Specific Goal

Before you can use subliminal messages, you must want to change and be prepared to do so. You should have a very clear goal or intention for yourself. Determine what you want to achieve or change. It should also elicit a small amount of fear, not excessive stress; find the right balance.

Concentrate Solely On That Goal.

Avoid scattering and experimenting with different sessions at the same time. For example, if losing weight is your most important goal, devote your energy to it and avoid listening to various subliminal messages on various topics.

Use Subliminals Consistently Daily

Between 4 and 12 weeks, listen to subliminal messages every day. If you notice a noticeable difference after four weeks, listen when necessary to improve it. Some people require more than four weeks, and you could be one of them. Remember that this is normal, and your subconscious will absorb those repeated affirmations, assimilate them, and form a new neural network in your brain.

When Should You Avoid Listening To Subliminals?

Even though subliminal messages are completely safe, do not listen in the following situations:

  • 30 minutes before driving
  • While in a moving vehicle.
  • When operating heavy machinery
  • When performing tasks that necessitate concentration and attention.

Common Mistakes Using Subliminals And How To Correct Them

Subliminal messages are designed to reprogram our subconscious minds. So, why do so few people succeed with them?

  1. Listening to too many Subliminals at the same time. You need to focus on one objective and repeatedly listen to one subliminal audio track at a time. Also, listen to Subliminals aimed at that one objective only. For example, losing weight or attracting wealth.
  2. Combining various unrelated Subliminals into a single playlist. Only listening to each unrelated subliminal message once in a long stream of different subliminal messages. This will produce no results. Instead, listen over and over again to the same message to reprogram your subconscious. 
  3. People Lack Patience. People fail because they don’t give the subliminal reprogramming time to overwrite old programming.
  4. Some people have a Poor Mindset. Having a stubborn or negative attitude will make it harder and take longer to get results.

Subliminals Reprogram Limiting Beliefs

After years of attempting to heal old emotional wounds conscious, I turned to subliminal messages. Yes, it did work for about a week. But after a few moments, my default programming kicked in.

However, by taking advantage of the benefits of subliminal messages, I was able to gain confidence, make meaningful connections, and increase my income. Rather than resisting, I found myself in a state of flow.

Here’s the thing: our subconscious is far more powerful than our willpower. No matter how much you want to change your reality.

When you try to make a change but don’t seem to get anywhere, you may be dealing with deep-seated limiting beliefs. You must get rid of them and replace them with new ones. Only the subconscious mind can carry out this process.

Subliminal messages are one of the most powerful, simple, effective, and friendly techniques for influencing the subconscious mind.

Subliminal messages have been extensively researched and, time after time, have been proven to be the most effective method of bringing about profound changes. This method is simple to use and can be performed by anyone. Its effectiveness, results, and ease of use make it extremely popular and well-studied.

Subliminal messages have spread from a little-known technique used by the elite to millions of people.

What Can Subliminal Messages Do For You?

After only a few moments, you’ll feel the stress leave your body and be immersed in pure relaxation. Subliminals can significantly improve your sleep quality, and you will notice that you wake up feeling more energetic, fresh, and vital.

Furthermore, subliminal messages can propel you further than you have ever been! You can use subliminal messages in the same way that the most successful people do.

  • Get Rid of Bad Habits:  From the ground up, and the ground up is inside your Mind! Stop smoking, eating too much, drinking too much, and so on.
  • Accelerate Your Learning: Learn a language, improve your reading speed, play an instrument, fly through school, college, and get your MBA…
  • Computer Memory:  Recall events, faces, names, and numbers with ease; simply ask your brain for data and it will be served to you.
  • Eliminate Fears: Your mind can play some nasty tricks on you… Fear is one of the things for which your mind is primarily responsible. Take them all out! Flying phobia, spider phobia, claustrophobia, clown phobia – some people..:) –
  • Enhance Your Social Skills: Do you dislike giving public speeches? Do you want to be a natural leader? or maybe you’ll get along better with others. MindZoom can blast away those mental impediments that prevent you from revealing your true personality.
  • Improve Your Aptitudes and Physical Abilities: MindZoom’s subliminal affirmations, like practice, can command your brain to a “You can do it” state, liberating you from the obstacles your own mind creates and improving that Mind-Body link.
  • Recognize Your Emotions: Get in touch with your sensibility, learn to act positively in stressful situations, deal with personal issues, and benefit from your mistakes.
  • Increase Your Business Achievements: Be creative when it comes to new business ideas, let your mind be wise when making decisions, and attract wealth first by putting your mind in winner mode.
  • Be Happy: That is our ultimate goal as a group. Let us all strive for total Peace and Happiness.

After just a few moments of listening, you’ll feel the stress leave your mind and body. You’ll be immersed in a deep sense of pure relaxation and freedom from worry.

In addition to the wonderful goals, you will achieve using subliminal messages, you will improve your sleep and wake up energetic, fresh, and lively with a positive attitude.


Totally Reprogram Your Mind Automatically Any Time You Work Or Relax On Your Computer!

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When I Am Awake, How Can My Subconscious Mind Continue To Absorb Subliminal Messages?

Repetition is the main factor that made people purchase the products, similar to commercials that once embedded Subliminals (thankfully, banned today).

Even when your brain functions with beta waves during the day, it can still receive ALL subliminal messages and turn them into habitual thoughts through constant repetition.

According To Research, the RAS (Reticular Activating System) processes 40 million bits of information per second! With this incredible power, the subconscious mind can easily absorb hidden messages throughout the day.

The Last Word About How To Use Subliminals

In every goal, I have ever tried to accomplish, being persistent and refusing to quit was the mindset that always made a difference for me. Even if you have no education, no experience, or no help, you can almost always succeed if you simply refuse to quit.

I hope you have great success and happiness!