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Loyd Mears

I’ve been fascinated by subliminal messages and technology for years. One of my favorite homicide detective episodes from 40 years ago  (Columbo episodes)  had a subliminal message plot.

The murderer used a subliminal message in a video that caused his victim to feel thirsty and leave the studio’s theater for a drink of water. 

Then the murderer shot the victim. He had an alibi because he was supposedly in the theater, but out of view behind the screen on the stage. He made it seem as if he was in the theater reading a narrative (He used a recording device to fake it).

Then Detective Columbo turned the tables on the subliminal expert and solved the case by splicing subliminal images in a subsequent video the murderer viewed.

The subliminal images Columbo spliced were of himself searching the murderer’s office for the murder weapon.

The subliminal images made the murderer nervous so he left in the middle of watching the video to move the evidence.

He led Columbo straight to the evidence, and that’s when he caught the murderer.

Enough of that. 

I put together a comprehensive guide to subliminal messages and the guide navigation below will help you to find topics that you like.



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Subliminal Messages Explained

Subliminal messages come in many forms and appear in a lot of different places. I’ll explain what subliminal means and then discuss details about:

  • how subliminal messages work,
  • subliminal results proof,
  • and how to accelerate subliminal results.

There are many other topics and popular questions about subliminal messages covered below.

Subliminal Meaning: What is Subliminal?

Definition: Dictionaries define subliminal is an English adjective. It refers to something that is not detected by the conscious mind but has an effect on it.

Here is an example sentence using “subliminal.”

The candidate was interviewed in front of a factory. Having the factory in his background sent the subliminal message that he was a man of the people.

What does subliminal mean? It means below our conscious perception. Subliminal messages are auditory or visual signals that are below our conscious absolute threshold level (ATL). The term “subliminal” literally translates as “below the barrier.”

Absolute Threshold Level: First, recognize that we can’t detect subliminal impulses even if we try. That’s because the stimuli are below our absolute threshold level of detection.

The term “absolute threshold” is the lowest audio, visual, or sensation stimulus that humans can perceive. Humans can’t detect external stimuli below the ATL threshold. 

Subliminal Thresholds

Hearing: The absolute threshold in hearing is the least sound level we can hear by normal hearing without other interfering noises. An example of this would be the threshold at which participants can notice the ticking sound of a clock. As we age, our threshold rises.

Vision: The absolute threshold in vision is the least amount of light we can perceive. For example, you may determine the absolute threshold for vision by measuring how far away you can detect a candle flame in the dark.

Subliminal Advertising

Subliminal advertising aims to affect people below their awareness. For example, flashing messages or images for short periods appear so quickly that people aren’t consciously aware of them. So, the people read the messages without realizing it.

Types of Subliminal Messages

You can divide subliminal messages into two types, visual and auditory.

subliminal messages flashing

Visual Subliminal Messages

Visual subliminal messages can be text messages or images flashed rapidly on a screen. There are software programs, like MindZoom, that flash subliminal messages on a PC or Laptop computer screen.

The software allows you to craft your own messages and adjust the text fonts and colors.

You can also adjust how rapidly the messages flash and where they appear on the screen.

Auditory Subliminal Messages 

Auditory subliminal messages are words delivered below conscious hearing ability but still perceptible to the subconscious mind. There are many YouTube videos, DVDs, and digital audio subliminal recordings available. They’re made for every type of self-improvement goal imaginable.

Auditory subliminal messages are typically recorded with a soothing or peaceful ambient sound or music background. However, there is also technology to produce silent subliminal recordings without background music.

Here’s an example of a Free professionally crafted audio for Winning at Life.

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Subliminal Messages in Advertising

There are many examples of real and imagined subliminal messages in advertising. One of my favorites is the Husker Du commercial that had “Get It” spliced in individual frames of the film.

Premium Corporation of America published Husker Du (the board game that inspired the rock band’s name) in the early 1970s and marketed it as a family game. The company sponsored a series of TV commercials promoting Husker Du, which showed single frames with the words “Get it.”

Following viewer complaints, a Premium Corp. official eventually accepted responsibility for including the frames in the ad, which the FCC examined.

The event influenced the FCC’s decision to prohibit subliminal messaging in television commercials because it was “contrary to the public interest.”

Subliminal Messages in Music

The most widely known method of placing subliminal messages in popular music is backmasking.

Backmasking is a recording method that involves recording a sound or message backward onto a tape that is intended to be played forward. You can only hear the message when playing the recording in reverse.

These backmasking messages are typically associated with Hard Rock or Heavy Metal music. However, subliminal meanings concealed deep inside songs aren’t exclusive to hard rock and metal.

For example, the Beatles established ‘backmasking’ in popular music. They concealed clues throughout 1966’s Revolver and 1967’s Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club. The Eagles even included them in their 1976 anthem Hotel California, exclaiming that ‘Satan had ’em; he established his own religion….’

Incorporating dark elements into art – has always found a home in darker music. But, unfortunately, the practice has caused an uproar, too.

In 1980 Judas Priest was tried for allegedly hiding messages like “try suicide,” “do it,” and “let’s be dead” in their cover of “Better By You, Better Than Me.” They allegedly incited a pair of young men from Nevada to commit suicide. The British legends were acquitted, and the backmasking has only grown in fame.

Here’s a classic example of subliminal backmasking by the group Slayer.

We receive over a minute of backmasking on Slayer’s second LP, with a horde of demonic voices shouting ‘Join us!’ before their leader growls his malicious ‘Welcome back!’ 

In most cases, the claims of evil messages and backmasking aren’t true. In many cases, someone retrofits the words that only appear if you are told beforehand what the words are. Left untold, you can’t hear anything other than garbled sounds. In other cases, artists intentionally record a backward message to generate publicity.

In either case, no one is trying to nefariously embed messages in people.

Subliminal Messages In Movies

There are so many examples where people have found subliminal images in movies. In some cases, the claims are hoaxes to gain publicity. Disney is a good example because Disney’s Subliminal messages in movies are a popular topic.

Disney has long been suspected of including sexual undertones in its animated films. For example, after the release of “Toy Story 3,” a picture of a claimed subliminal sex scene became viral. Still, it turned out to be a well-executed fake.

Most claimed, “Subliminal Messages” are cameos inserted into scenes. For example, in a scene from Disney’s Aladdin, the tiger has Mickey Mouse ears.

Scene from Aladdin Animated Movie (c) Disney

The Subliminal messages in movies aren’t limited to images alone. Some filmmakers employ subliminal effects to provoke a specific emotional response from their audience without them knowing why they are feeling that way.

In the opening thirty minutes of Gaspar Noé’s film Irreversible, there is a low-frequency background noise almost inaudible to humans. The low-frequency noise can cause agitation and nausea. Noé purposefully included the low-frequency sound in his soundtrack to make viewers feel disgusted while viewing his film. 

Does Subliminal Work?

Do subliminal messages work? Yes, they do. You can rewire your mind with subliminal software by listening to subliminal affirmations audio programs and by flashing affirmations on a laptop or desktop computer screen.

Keep in mind that research demonstrates the subliminal messages only seem to work with ideas and goals you desire already.

Subliminal signals can’t force you to do anything you don’t want to do. Subliminal signals about thirst, for example, made participants thirstier, but only if they were already thirsty. Strahan, Spencer, and Zanna (Strahan, Spencer, and Zanna, 2002).

The subliminal signals had little effect on those who weren’t somewhat thirsty beforehand.

How Can You Know Subliminals Work?

Research has shown that subliminal messages are effective. Subliminal advertising is prohibited in most countries for good reason. If you’re interested in learning more, we have a comprehensive article on subliminal outcomes.

Subliminal Results

I’ve used subliminal software to create audio and visual subliminal affirmations before. In a year, I’ve dropped 38 pounds and gained a lot more energy and confidence.

I published a brief review of the program, detailing my success and its features.

I have heard from dozens of people since I began sharing my great results with subliminal programming. They all report similar success.

Subliminal Results Proof

Find my complete report of personal results and an honest review of the software I used for a year.

I’ve written a 2,000-word article full of proof that lists many demonstrations that subliminal messages work.

  • Stores reduced shoplifting and employee theft with subliminal messages.
  • Subliminal messages influence behavior like writing, quitting smoking, and academic performance.
  • A medical clinic successfully used Subliminal messages to reduce stress in patients.
  • Studies show Subliminal messages helped people lose weight and influenced people in other significant ways.

Check out the article for detailed explanations proving how Subliminals work.

What Exactly Can Subliminal Programming Do?

You may come across individuals making outlandish claims regarding the subliminal reprogramming capabilities of subliminal technology. For example, some people believe that subliminal signals may help you grow taller or generate money miraculously.

The use of subliminal messages isn’t a magical process. On the contrary, they are limited by the human intellect and the body’s limitations. So, you can improve yourself in any area that is within the physical and mental limits of the human body and mind.


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Are Subliminal Messages Safe?

In a nutshell, yes, subliminal messages are safe. They aren’t harmful in any manner, either physically or psychologically. However, it’s a little trickier. Advertising using subliminal messages is restricted or forbidden in most countries for a good cause.

Unethical in Advertising

Subliminal advertising has been outlawed in the United Kingdom and several European countries. In the United States, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulates advertising.

FCC Logo

The FCC has declared that any broadcast station that utilizes subliminal technology would have their license revoked. [For more information on subliminal regulation, see this article.

Subliminal messaging in TV ads are considered unfair by regulators since it is unethical to persuade or influence someone without their awareness.

Finally, because research demonstrates that subliminal audio and video have an effect on the mind, you should not utilize them for malevolent purposes.

Beneficial for Personal Use

Although subliminal techniques are prohibited in commercial advertising, they can be used to reprogram your subconscious mind for personal growth and development. For example, you may utilize them to build incredible mental and emotional abilities.

Girl listening to subliminal messages with headphones

Subliminal messages aren’t magic that may be used without a strategy and defined goals. Unfortunately, some individuals misunderstand this and have unrealistic expectations. The best approach to get the most of subliminal technology is to start with a strategy and clear objectives.

Subliminal messages help you to connect your subconscious mind with your attraction objectives. The technique is more potent if you have particular goals in mind rather than merely employing subliminal messages at random.

Do Silent Subliminals Work?

A silent subliminal message is one recorded in complete silence and outside of your ability to detect consciously. Silent subliminal messages are typically tracks made up of positive affirmations.

Do silent Subliminals work? Yes! Subliminals that are both silent and those containing music or nature sounds you can hear are equally powerful.

  • Subliminal signals are effective, according to research.
  • Visual subliminal, in which text or images are rapidly flashed, is the most powerful.

Subliminal signals are below your visual and audible threshold. However, your subconscious mind does receive and respond to stimuli.

Here is a complete article with audio recorded samples to demonstrate silent subliminal messages.

How Many Subliminals Can You Listen To In A Day?

The only limit you have is how many hours in a day. You can make subliminal affirmations and listen to them continually using high-quality subliminal software. Furthermore, certain software systems generate subliminal messages without the use of background music or ambient sounds.

These are “Silent Subliminal Messages” that you can listen to without being distracted by music or ambient soundtracks. In addition, unless you wish to employ isochronic or binaural technologies, you don’t need headphones to listen.

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Subliminal Software

There are several different types of software that you can use to create audio and visual subliminal messages. Here’s an article describing some of the best subliminal audio programs.

One type of subliminal software is a simple program that flashes messages on your computer screen rapidly while you work. Some have only preset messages or affirmations for specific goals like being confident or optimistic. Other programs allow you to create and display your own affirmations.

Subliminal Mixer
MindZoom Subliminal Mixer

Another type of software can create subliminal audio recordings by mixing music or ambient sounds with subliminal messages.

The best of these is MindZoom, in my opinion. It creates audio, visual, and silent subliminal messages.

You can read my review and report after I have used this software for more than a year with excellent results.

Your next choice is to buy pre-recorded subliminal tracks. Or, you can get your subliminal content from YouTube. 

In my opinion, the pre-recorded tracks usually have music I don’t like. That was my first experience 30 years ago with subliminal recordings…Terrible Music!

With YouTube, you may be rolling the dice and taking a chance. You may or may not be getting valid and effective subliminal recordings.


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How to Make Subliminal Messages

STEP 1 – Choose a Goal

Jot down what you want to improve or change with your subliminal messages.

Sit down and consider what you want; perhaps you want to improve your concentration or be more motivated to study.  Whatever the situation, write it down in a concise phrase; don’t be scared to mention numerous items! 

Don’t place any constraints on your thoughts, and leave the options open.

STEP 2 – Record Your Affirmations

Because the messages are intended to reach your subconscious directly, you should write the affirmations in the present tense and in the first person.

For instance, “I am constantly driven to study.” I am constantly eager to learn new things. “I am constantly inspired to go to school,” and so on.

STEP 3 – Audio Conversion

Now that you’ve written down all of your wonderful affirmations, it’s time to turn them into audio.

That’s easy to find free internet software that does it, just google ‘text to voice’ or ‘text to audio’. It may take a few tries to locate the ideal program, but once found, it just takes a few minutes to get the perfect sounds.

STEP 4 – Accelerate Your Audio

To be honest, this step may be optional; I believe it improves the overall outcomes, but feel free to omit it if you don’t want to.

Again, there are numerous online and free software options; simply upload your audio and speed it up as much as you like. If you’re not comfortable with a 10-second subliminal, make sure the ultimate length is still a couple of minutes. I have used Audacity to make subliminal messages for free.

“Audacity is a free program you can download and install on your PC or MAC. Just search Google for Audacity download.” 

I’ve made a complete tutorial with illustrations and video for making subliminal messages with Audacity.

I prefer to use MindZoom to make subliminal messages because it’s faster, easier, and helps you make visual, audio mix, and silent subliminal messages.


This stage is completely optional, and if you don’t feel like adding music or producing a video of your subliminal affirmations, you’re done!

On the other hand, there are two methods to ‘elevate’ your subconscious; the first is through music.

You may add music or calming noises like rain or nature to your audio; if you want to listen to it all night, I recommend something peaceful and relaxing. 

Making a video of your subliminal is another way to spice it up. You could add images or movies to make it more visually appealing. This is another optional step, so feel free to skip it entirely!


Now that you’ve completed your movie or affirmations, save your file and enjoy it

How to Use Subliminals

With astonishing breakthroughs in subliminal technology, it is now simpler than ever to achieve success. Fantastic binaural, isochronic rhythms, and Schumann resonance that successfully syncs with brain waves are among the advancements. Furthermore, there have been advancements in silent delivery that affect how to use Subliminals.

The proper subliminal affirmations can help you:

  • Replace negative habits with good behaviors.
  • Eliminate limiting beliefs.
  • Instill self-assurance and drive.
  • Get rid of procrastination.
  • Encourage optimistic thinking and perseverance.
  • Increase your memory capacity and speed up your learning.
  • Permanently reduce your weight.

In 6 Simple Steps, You Can Break Bad Habits and Limiting Beliefs.
If you want to be successful, you must follow a well-defined plan. Here are some easy actions to weave into your subliminal plans and help you succeed.

Step 1: First, decide what you want to achieve. The secret to success is to first decide on your intended goal. It makes no difference how hard you work if it isn’t what you desire.

Step 2: Put your beliefs and practices to the test. Questioning yourself is an excellent way to find what you truly believe. If anything is preventing you from moving forward, don’t be scared to let it go.

Step 3: Investigate the negative consequences of your habits and beliefs. The first step in changing your life is admitting that there are some things that are holding you back. You can’t learn, progress, or become the person you want to be unless you examine what’s holding you back.

Step 4: Choose a New Set of Empowering Beliefs and Habits to Adopt. Put forth the effort every day for a few minutes, and you will see incredible improvements in your life.

Step 5: Repetition reinforces your new empowered behaviors and ideas. Repeat your new powerful ideas and actions throughout the day to make them feel more real. To expedite your outcomes, you should employ purposeful and conscious repetition, as well as a barrage of huge subliminal signals.

Step 6: Make a firm commitment to changing what you want to change. Determine what you want to change and devote yourself fully to it. Though difficult, perseverance pays off if done for your own good.

Most successful individuals in the world achieve their goals by deciding what to change and persevering until they achieved their goals. There are also ways to speed up your success.

Subliminal Persuasion Techniques

Have you ever imagined what it might be like to have a superpower?

Subliminal persuasive tactics might make you believe you do.

These approaches make use of highly efficient subliminal signals and subliminal persuasion. They are the result of years of subconscious study.

Below is a shortlist of techniques. There is also a full article explaining 12 persuasion techniques in detail.

Name Power

Using someone’s name is a powerful method to influence them. People like those who use their names more than those who don’t, according to research. Using a person’s name when speaking may make a big difference in whether they like and trust you.


Mirroring someone’s words, gestures, and posture is a powerful way to create a connection. But be careful not to be so obvious that they notice what you’re doing.  It will be easier for them to open up to you because they subconsciously feel you are alike. 

Paraphrase What They’ve Said and Repeat It Back To Them

A wonderful method to persuade others is to demonstrate that you truly understand how they feel and have empathy for them. One of the most reliable methods is to paraphrase and repeat their words back to them, a technique known as reflective listening.

According to research, when therapists practiced reflective listening, patients were more likely to express their emotions. They also had a more effective therapeutic connection.

Although these methods don’t employ subliminal machinery, they are age-old ways to influence people subconsciously.

Subliminal Message Guide Conclusion

Subliminal technology is advancing by leaps and bounds. With more powerful computing and higher quality audio and visual devices, there’s no limit on what subliminal messages may do.

Take advantage of this new age and use subliminal messages to make a better life of happiness and success!

I hope you have great fortune and happiness!


P.S. Check out these 8 top subliminal audio programs. They’re phenomenal!


Totally Reprogram Your Mind Automatically Any Time You Work Or Relax On Your Computer.

Lose weight, boost your confidence, ignite your motivation, get rid of bad habits, and get it done! >> Read More