DIY Mind Design

DIY Mind Design began as a website devoted to personal growth and self-development in February 2019.

Our mission is to deliver information, programs, products, and services to solve problems and improve life.

DIY Mind Design

Through our homepage and blog, you’ll find resources to help you lose weight, boost your confidence, ignite your motivation and get rid of bad habits.

You’ll also find help to erase limiting beliefs, manage your time, ​stop procrastination, and be your absolute best!

Hello! Just a few words. I have over 20 years of experience in consulting, coaching, teaching, and running a business. I haven’t had a traditional job since December 1992.

I enjoy the challenge and I always strive to make clients and customers over-satisfied with any product or service we represent.

Loyd Mears
Loyd Mears CEO and Founder

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