How to Make Subliminals Work Faster
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How To Make Subliminals Work Faster

My first attempt at using subliminals to change my habits and mindset was not pretty. I quit after a few sessions. Not because I gave up seeking personal growth altogether though. I quit listening to the subliminal tapes because I couldn’t stand the music and sounds dubbed over the tapes. 

Also, I couldn’t really buy into some of the affirmations embedded on the tapes. But, most definitely, I just couldn’t bear listening to the horrid music.

I have since found many subliminal resources where I can choose music and create my own affirmations. And I have benefited from using them to make great strides in my fitness and mental strength.

This is how to make subliminals work faster:

  1. Have a specific goal and focus only on one goal at a time.
  2. Have a ton of repetition.
  3. Smile and don’t allow stress to get in the way.
  4. Control How You Move and Manage Your Posture to Feel Happier and Stronger.
  5. Intentionally Make a Change.
  6. Develop a Gratitude Attitude and Be a Giver.
  7. Visualize Yourself Doing, Not Achieving.
  8. Play Subliminal Tapes During Sleep.
  9. Watch Subliminal Flashes On Your Computer Screen.

Subliminal messages are one of several tools you can combine and use together to achieve your desires.  Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can get anything easily, with no effort, no preparation, inconsistent application or without sincere desire.

Follow these guidelines and I promise you will accelerate and improve your results tenfold.

How Can You Make Subliminals Work Faster?

1. Have a Specific Goal and Focus on One Goal at a Time

Before implementing subliminal messages, decide that you want to transform your life and are mentally ready to do so. Then, you can set a clear goal.

How to make subliminals work fast Goal Target Bullseye

You need to describe exactly what you want to achieve and why you want to achieve it. Be specific like “lose 25 pounds this year” and not vague like “lose weight”

Your goal should make you have some emotion like excitement or anticipation when you think about it. A little fear of loss at not making it is also good.

Fear was the main force that allowed me to finally quit smoking , after failing many, many times. The fear I had was that I might not be able to quit. I was terrified that I might try one cigarette and I would fail to quit.

Don’t dilute your efforts by focusing on multiple goals at once. For example, if you want to lose 20 pounds, put your energy into it and avoid the temptation to add more goals.

It’s ok to have sub goals that support your overall goal. So, if your goal is to lose 20 pounds, then sub-goals like exercise 30 minutes a day and eat 1500 calories are good.

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2. Have a Ton of Repetition

Listen to subliminal messages daily for 30 to 90 days. If you notice a clear change after 30 days, listen as necessary to maintain your success. The time you may need to see results may be different from others. Be patient, consistent and determined.

3. Smile and Don’t Allow Stress to Get in the Way

There are many ways to ward off stress and make yourself feel happier. One of the quickest and easiest ways is to smile. It needs to be a big grin for a long time not just a short smile. According to research, you should smile for 15 – 20 seconds nonstop.

It works best if you take a second to think about something worth grinning about. Set a regular reminder to grin and you will feel happier throughout the day.

Instead of using an alarm or other reminder, you might keep yourself mindful about smiling by choosing a random trigger. For instance, every time your phone rings, smile big and wide for 20 seconds. Or, you may choose another trigger like when you go to the bathroom, get up from a seat, or anything else you do automatically.

Also be sure to focus on the process daily and have trust. Avoid getting ahead and worrying about the end result. Try not to get discouraged easily if you don’t manifest your goals right away. Change takes time and it often happens suddenly after a long period rather than gradually a little each day.

4. Control How You Move and Manage Your Posture to Feel Happier and Stronger

Research subjects reported feeling happier and also scored higher on math tests when they were part of the group that managed their postures. One random group was instructed to slouch while the other random group was told to sit upright. The group that sat upright performed significantly better on a math test and also reported feeling happier.

So remember to sit upright and don’t slouch when consuming subliminal messages.

happy dog running in the snow

Research also reveals that happy people move in a different way than unhappy ones. If you move and act happy, the feelings of happiness follow. Here are more suggestions of how to move to create better feelings:

  • Swing your arms a bit more and relax a little when you’re walking.
  • Walk with a little spring in your step.
  • Wear more colorful clothing.
  • Be more expressive with your hand gestures when talking.
  • Speak in more colorful language.

5. Intentionally Make a Change

Still another way to maximize your happiness is to decide to make a change instead of reacting to random changes in your circumstances. Start a new hobby, begin a major project, or try a sport or activity that you have never tried before.

Choose activities that match your personality, values, and abilities. It may help to think about what you already like doing, identify the basic elements that make this activity enjoyable, and try other activities that have similar elements.

6. Develop a Gratitude Attitude and Be a Giver

Listing three things that you are grateful for in life or three things that have gone very well over the past week can greatly increase your level of happiness for about a month.

This may then cause you to be more optimistic about the future and may improve your physical health too.

Make it a regular habit to spend a few minutes keeping a short journal where you note things you are grateful for and spend a minute enjoying the feeling of gratitude.

Along with being grateful, giving a little to others can greatly improve your sense of well- being. People feel happier after even the tiniest acts of kindness. Give a few dollars to the needy, buy a small surprise gift for a loved one, donate blood, or help a friend. Doing so will make you inclined to experience a quick boost in happiness.

7. Visualize Yourself Doing, Not Achieving

Research shows that people who mentally picture themselves taking the practical steps needed to reach their goals are far more likely to succeed than those who simply imagine their dreams becoming a reality.

silhouette of a man

So when you choose a goal, write out the steps you will take and activities you will do to reach your goal. Then practice seeing yourself taking those steps and doing those activities.

To be the most effective possible with your visualization, take a third-person perspective. Those who see themselves as others see them succeed 20 percent more often than those who use a first-person point of view.

8. Play Subliminal Tapes During Sleep

Subliminal audio during sleep is popular because you can turn your 6-8 hours of sleep into personal development time.

By subjecting your brain to subliminal messages while sleeping, it’s easy to commit 1/3 of your day to overcome your most challenging issues and eliminate toxic inner voices.

I used a software called MindZoom for over a year and it worked great for me. Check out my story and review.

Mindzoom 3.0 Review

NEW MindZoom 3 | Review After One Year

I used this software for over a year and you won’t believe my results. I took time to write a thorough report. — Loyd

9. Watch Subliminal Flashes On Your Computer Screen

There is software available to flash subliminal messages on your computer screen very rapidly while you work. I am using this right now as I write. I use it continuously when working on my computer and when reading or watching videos for entertainment.

The subliminal messages appear as rapid flashes on the computer screen. By using this technique of subliminal words and images, I can get many repetitions per day while being productive working or when taking a break.

The subliminal messages are positive affirmations that you can be exposed to over and over to speed up the process and make subliminals work fast.

Conclusion: How To Make Subliminals Work Faster

There are some specific techniques and strategies that can accelerate the effects of subliminal messages. Even so, there is no overnight, instant, magic bullet that will transform you instantly. Here is a summary of the most important techniques:

  • Have a specific goal and focus only on one goal at a time.
  • Have a ton of repetition.
  • Be consistent on a daily basis.
  • Don’t Quit! Be patient for 30-90 days.
  • Use a variety of methods like audio, visual, and listening during sleep.
  • Visualize the practical steps to reach your desired outcome.

Once again, follow these tips and you will see faster results.

I wish you great success and happiness.


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