9 Simple Secrets To Make Subliminals Work Faster

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Loyd Mears

For me, the first secret I found to make Subliminals work faster was to throw away my horrible subliminal audiotapes. I got zero subliminal results with them. The first time I tried Subliminals to change my habits and mindset didn’t work out so well. 

After a few sessions, I quit listening to the subliminal tapes because I didn’t like the music and ambient sounds dubbed over the tapes. 

Also, I couldn’t relate to some of the affirmations embedded in the tapes. But, most definitely, I couldn’t bear listening to the horrid music.

I have since found the best subliminal software where I can choose music and create my own affirmations. And I have benefited from using them to make great strides in my fitness and mental strength.

I’ve also come across some secrets about how to make subliminal messages far more powerful and effective. 

Follow these guidelines for how to make subliminal work 10-fold faster:


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1. Make Subliminals Work Faster With A Simple Plan Laser-focused On One Goal

The first step to accelerate your subliminal results and make Subliminals work a lot faster is to be fully committed and have a clear goal.

Before implementing subliminal messages, decide and commit 100% to transforming your life and being mentally ready. Then, you can set a clear goal.

Choose one thing to focus on, and you can get faster subliminal results. Pick one goal and then listen to subliminal messages for that goal alone.

Don’t dilute your efforts by focusing on multiple goals at once. For example, if you want to lose 20 pounds, put your energy into it until you succeed and avoid the temptation to add more goals before succeeding.

It would be best to have sub-goals that support your overall goal and describe actions you have to take to get what you want. 

For instance, if your goal is to lose 20 pounds, sub-goals like exercise 30 minutes a day and eating 1500 calories are good because they are actions to get what you want.

The subliminal programming will condition your subconscious mind to compel you to take these actions in your subliminal messages that lead to reaching your goal!

Choose or craft your subliminal messages with these tips in mind:

  • You need to describe your goal as exactly what you want to achieve and why you want to achieve it. Be specific like “lose 25 pounds this year” and not vague like “lose weight.”
  • Use messages to take actions that will produce success when you craft or choose affirmations for subliminal messages, . For example, Use “I eat a healthy diet every day” instead of “I lose weight every day.” 

Speed Up Subliminal Results

Accelerate your progress with emotionally charged goals.

Your goal should make you have some emotion like excitement or anticipation when you think about it. A little fear of loss at not making it is also good.

Fear was the main force that allowed me to quit smoking successfully after failing many times. The fear I had was that I might not be able to quit. I was terrified that I might try one cigarette and I would fail to quit.

You can magnify your feelings about your goals with a simple exercise, the Rocking Chair Test, from Tony Robbins’ teachings.

Perform the Rocking Chair Test to help you commit to achieving each of your objectives.

Imagine yourself much older, sitting in your rocking chair, reflecting on your life.

  • First, visualize and think about what it would be like if you had not accomplished your objective. Then, take time to feel the disappointment and regret.
  • Then imagine and think about how it would be if you had reached your objective. 
  • Finally, take time to feel the pleasure and satisfaction of your accomplishment.
  • Feel the agony of not doing it, as well as the joy of achieving your objective.

Now you should have a stronger desire to apply to your goals and get subliminal results faster.

You need to describe exactly what you want to achieve and why you want to achieve it. Be specific like “lose 25 pounds this year” and not vague like “lose weight”

It’s good to have sub-goals that support your overall goal. So, if your goal is to lose 20 pounds, then sub-goals like exercising 30 minutes a day and eating 1500 calories are best.

Your goal should make you have some emotion like excitement or anticipation when you think about it. A little fear of loss at not making it is also good.

Fear was the main force that allowed me to finally quit smoking, after failing many, many times. The fear I had was that I might not be able to quit. I was terrified that I might try one cigarette and I would fail to quit.

Don’t dilute your efforts by focusing on multiple goals at once. For example, if you want to lose 20 pounds, put your energy into it and avoid the temptation to add more goals.

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2. Listen To Subliminal Messages Just Before And During Sleep For Rapid Subliminal Results

Before and during sleep is the most reliable and straightforward time to reprogram your subconscious mind with subliminal messages. As you sleep, your conscious mind and awareness fade away. 

Don’t interrupt your sleep with disturbing music or background sounds, though. Instead, use subliminal recordings with a soothing and soft background track. 

Listening to Subliminals while sleeping

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Your subconscious mind activates and takes control of your mind and body in the same way that a computer system does. However, because your conscious mind switches off during sleep, it cannot create impediments or blockades for the Subliminals to play.

Your subconscious is more receptive during sleep.

Your subconscious mind is acutely aware of and receptive to each subliminal message that it receives. Therefore, the longer your subliminal tracks are played, the more deeply they are imprinted in your subconscious mind. 

The subconscious begins to alter your thinking and accept that the subliminal messages you listen to are real. Thus, if you want to lose weight, spend the full night listening to a subliminal program for weight loss. Then, your subconscious will imprint the new information deeply into your mind.

Once the new information is ingrained in your subconscious mind, it’s much easier to make permanent changes. It’s similar to a stone rolling down a hill. 

First, it takes some time for the stone to gain speed, and then at full speed, the momentum is a powerful force.

Likewise, it takes some time for changes to gain momentum and become permanent. Then, finally, your subconscious mind believes and accepts the changes.

By following the tips in this article, you can accelerate this process.


Totally Reprogram Your Mind Automatically Any Time You Work Or Relax On Your Computer.

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3. Use Binaural beats in the Theta Frequency Range (4 to 8 Hz) and accelerate your subliminal results.

Use Binaural Beats and Theta Frequency

A binaural beat is an auditory illusion generated by the brain when two tones with slightly different frequencies are listened to simultaneously. Binaural pulses produce the same mental state as meditation but much more rapidly. 

Binaural rhythmic patterns:

  • reduce stress
  • enhance relaxation
  • promote a positive attitude
  • enhance creativity
  • aid in managing pain

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To maximize the effectiveness of your subliminal messaging, use music and playlists that have binaural beats. The binaural rhythms allow messages to bypass the brain’s normal sleep hormones and initiate a more rapid entry into the subconscious state. 

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Additionally, you can increase your success rate by listening to subliminal messages with binaural beats for at least 45 minutes every day. Although the conscious mind is not necessary to sleep, the subconscious mind is triggered when you expose it to those messages.

Theta Wave Range

You can also enhance the process by listening to binaural beats in the theta range (4 to 8 Hz). It facilitates the normal processes occurring in your brain, enabling them to happen more quickly. 

When Do Theta Waves Occur?

While sleeping or dreaming, theta brain waves occur. They do not occur at the deepest stages of sleep. They may occur while you fall off to sleep or are suspended in the light period of sleep shortly before you awaken.

Theta brain waves may even occur when you are awake but in an extremely relaxed state of mind, a condition that some refer to as “autopilot.” However, if you have a high amount of theta waves when awake, you may feel sluggish or disoriented.

According to experts, theta waves are necessary for information processing and memory formation. And, when researchers get a better understanding of how they operate and how they relate to various forms of learning, this information may prove useful in choosing the most effective approach to assist individuals in learning.

While your mind is in the theta state, your subconscious mind is immediately imprinted with your subliminal instructions. If you wait for this to happen organically, you might be wasting 15 to 30 minutes of potential subconscious time.

When your brain activity is in the theta brainwave state, your conscious mind changes, opening your subconscious mind. When your brain reaches this frequency level, your subconscious mind is awakened and ready to be stimulated with the subliminal messages of your choice. This is a normal shift that occurs just before we go to sleep at night.

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4. Listen To Subliminal Messages With Headphones

Listen To Subliminal Messages With Headphones

Use headphones or earphones to get the most out of your subliminal message.

In some cases, you must use headphones like with binaural beats, for example. 

You can’t use binaural beats unless you use headphones. With binaural tones, each ear receives a distinct frequency, which lowers your brain activity to theta. 

Additionally, if you sleep with someone, they may not want to listen to your Subliminals while they sleep.

If you don’t want to hear your subliminal messages during your sleep cycle, put a timer on your phone to stop after the first sleep cycle (1-2 hours after falling asleep).

 It may be hard to fall asleep the first few nights if you’re new to subliminal messaging due to the distraction. However, once you acclimate to the routine, you won’t notice the messages playing. 

Your goal for subliminal messages is to imprint your aspirations and ambitions on your subconscious mind permanently.

5. Create An Evening Routine Beginning An Hour Before Bedtime Every Day

The right bedtime routine will place your mind in the best possible state. 

reading a book

Your subliminal messages are designed to influence and modify your subconscious mind to create the changes you want. To accept change rapidly, the mind must be in the proper attitude, pattern, and state. 

Thus, planning and practicing an evening routine one hour before bed significantly increases how effective your subliminal signals will be.

Divide your nighttime routine into parts and ensure that you follow the regimen that is best for you. Here is an example of an effective routine:

  • Limit your screen time and eliminate all electronic gadgets. Doing so reduces the effect of blue light. According to research, blue light might impair the production of sleep hormones necessary for rest and renewal.
  • Turn off all household lights and wear glasses that block blue light. Replace the lightbulbs in your bedroom with low-wattage red lights. This simulates a low-light fire, which our ancient forefathers used.
  • Avoid watching television, particularly anything that’s very stimulating. Slowing the mind down is critical, and TV can prevent you from slowing down your mind.
  • Instead of television, read a book that does not require thinking. Good examples are a nonfiction narrative or an autobiography.

While reading, listening to calming music increases those chemical releases and accelerates the brain’s descent into theta.

6. Select Subliminals That Perfectly Align With Your Goals

The most efficient approach to achieve your subliminal program goals is to craft subliminal affirmations that align with your core objective. 

If you want to attract more money, listen exclusively to subliminal signals that support your goal. Additionally, ensure that your subliminal message refers to money in the currency where you reside. Your Subliminals must be in sync with the money of your country. It’s a little detail, but it might affect your findings.

Use subliminal audio messages that align with your voice qualities. Bear in mind that your subconscious mind continually hears your voice, and you want to use subliminal messages that are as similar to your voice, accent, tone, language, and objectives as feasible.

To achieve the greatest results, craft your subliminal track to match your goals and personality; this will ensure that your subconscious mind accepts each word more quickly than listening to a playlist made by someone else.

7. Exercise Visualization When Listening To Your Subliminal Messages

The subconscious mind operates on an image-based system and does not think in words. 

Instead, it sees our world through the lens of a movie, and as you practice visualization, it loses sight of the difference between the imagined and actual worlds. 

As a result, you are persuading your subconscious mind that your image is correct. The more you expose your subconscious mind to the artificial construct, the more it accepts its actuality and alters.

Begin picturing the words and images in your affirmations before you fall asleep and while you’re listening to your subliminal messages. First, consider yourself in the image and imagine the phrase completed.

If you want to lose weight, see yourself at your target weight while listening to subliminal messages that describe the weight reduction transition. The clearer the objective and conclusion, the faster these subconscious impulses will become the reality you created.

8. Watch Subliminal Flashes On Your Computer Screen

As you know, you can transmit subliminal messages by audio, but also visually.

I have used the best subliminal software for visual Subliminals for over a year with amazing results.

The visual subliminal messages will appear as quick flashes on your desktop or laptop computer screen. You can reprogram your mind using the visual method while working, reading, watching videos, or interacting on social media. 

With those subliminal messages in the form of flashes, you can easily manifest the affirmations and make them come true.

9. Use Silent Subliminal Messaging

Silent subliminal messaging can accelerate your results because it allows you to listen anywhere without distracting music or other sounds. So, you can increase your time listening and listen in a wider variety of settings and locations without using headphones.

Silent Subliminals are audio recordings that affect behavior even though they contain messages that are not audible.

Silent Subliminal Message

The signals are not audible, but your subconscious mind receives them. You can typically listen to silent Subliminals in conjunction with music or other sounds, such as ocean waves or rainfall. 

However, it’s equally effective to listen to silent subliminal messages without a music track. With a silent subliminal and no music track, you would listen to an entirely silent recording. You will hear nothing.

The completely silent recording may seem weird to some. So, we typically combine silent messaging and an audio track is to produce something pleasant to hear.

How Can I Get Subliminal Results In A Week?

You must have an intense focus and powerful desire to achieve results in a week.

Here is what you need to do:

  • To begin, get a piece of paper and a pen or pencil and write down a clear description of your objective exactly the way you want it to happen. 
  • Make a list of specifics and be clear about what you want to achieve.
  • This initial stage will refocus your thoughts intensely on your objective.
  • Then, write down why you need to accomplish this goal. Why is it important? What will happen if you don’t do it? Finally, imagine yourself in the future and how you will feel if you let this opportunity slip by and nothing changes.
  • Next, prepare subliminal audio to listen to as much as possible. Choose messages that fit your goal and listen at every opportunity. Use messages that flash on your computer screen as well. Visual subliminal is more powerful than audio.
  • Use a silent subliminal program to expand your opportunities to listen any time and any place.
  • Review your goal and your reasons why you need to achieve it every day. Even better, keep a journal and take just a minute to jot down your thoughts.

If your focus and desire are strong enough, you can achieve significant results in a week.

How To Make A Subliminal Work

You need to have a plan, create a strong desire, and keep working on it until you succeed. The secret to making Subliminals work is much like succeeding in almost anything.

You have to keep with your plan and never quit. Here’s a detailed article about how to make subliminal messages work in 10 easy steps.

How To Use Subliminals

There are two ways to use subliminal, and I’ve had great success with both.

1. Visual subliminal flashing on a screen rapidly without distracting you, but your subconscious mind perceives and absorbs them.

2. Audio messages with a subliminal message embedded in the recording with pleasant music or ambient sounds like a waterfall or rain. You can also create subliminal message audio without music, and the recording is only detectable by your subconscious mind. There are ways to verify that there is an actual recording in case you doubt it.

The Last Word About How to Make Subliminals Work Faster

The most important thing to do is make a commitment and take action right away. We have carefully evaluated the best subliminal technologies and chosen our top 3 recommendations.

I have used amazing software for the past year with outstanding results. You can read my full report.

My colleague, Angie, has used this amazing program for the past six months, and she wrote a review.

Finally, we have a full article and video about how to make subliminal audio using the free Audacity program.

Whatever you do, don’t miss your opportunity to seize the day!

Best wishes for your success and happiness!



Totally Reprogram Your Mind Automatically Any Time You Work Or Relax On Your Computer.

Lose weight, boost your confidence, ignite your motivation, get rid of bad habits, and get it done! >> Read More.