Do Subliminal Messages Work? Yes, But!

Loyd Mears

Do subliminal messages work? Yes, they work.

You can reprogram your mind with subliminal software by listening to subliminal affirmations and flashing affirmations on a screen. You can also create audio subliminal recordings and even silent subliminals. 

What can you achieve with subliminal programming?

  • Curb Appetite and Boost Motivation for Weight Loss
  • Remove Bad Habits
  • Learn 5X Faster
  • Boost Your Confidence
  • Improve Your Social Skills
  • Reduce Stress
  • Boost Energy and Motivation for Goals
  • Defeat Procrastination

Yes they work but, subliminal messages only work with ideas and goals you already desire.

So you can’t simply grab a generic audio subliminal recording, listen to it, and improve. 

  • You need to have conscious goals and a desire to achieve them for subliminal technology to help you. 
  • Then, you need to craft subliminal messages that match your conscious goals and desires.
  • Finally, you need to implement a plan and stick with it.

Subliminal messages can’t make you do something unless you want to do it.  For instance, researchers observed that subliminal messages relating to thirst caused participants to be significantly more thirsty, but only if they were already somewhat thirsty to begin. (Strahan, Spencer, and Zanna, 2002).

 For people who weren’t somewhat thirsty to begin, the subliminal messages made no difference.

This means subliminal programming can give you a boost in the right direction for things you already have some desire to do.

VIDEO: Subliminal Results Proof

The Problem

Most of us aren’t as motivated, confident, or persistent as we’d like to be. We all have some bad habits that hold us back. That means instead of having the happiness and peace of mind we want, we struggle too much. 

Nobody should have to struggle to have a little happiness and peace of mind.

The Solution

Reprogram your subconscious mind, and you can automatically produce better results in anything you desire. Read the rest of this article to find out how and why.

Also, take a look at my review of the best subliminal software I have found. I’ve used it with great success for more than a year.

Do Subliminal Messages Work? How Do You Know?

We know subliminal messages work through research. There are valid reasons why subliminal advertising is banned in most of the world. We have a full article of subliminal results proof if you’d like to know more.

I have personal experience using subliminal software to make audio and visual subliminal affirmations. I’ve lost 38 pounds in a year, and I have a ton more energy and confidence.

I wrote about the software here in a quick review, explaining my success and its features.

To use subliminal messages successfully, you should: 

  • Set goals that you want to achieve.
  • Craft subliminal affirmations that perfectly match your goals.
  • Work consistently and be patient.

Follow the Right Process

Reprogramming your mind is not an instant process. It takes time to unwind all of the barriers that have gradually crept in over time. So, plan to stick with a program of listening to subliminal affirmations for a long time. The results usually arrive in a hockey stick pattern.

Also, you need a specific plan with clear objectives, so you keep your goals in focus. We have 2 resources to help you use subliminal programming more effectively: 

The basic plan you need to follow is:

  • Choose the goals you want to achieve.
  • Identify the habits and bad thinking that stop you.
  • Craft affirmations to align with new habits and thinking.
  • Be consistent and persist through thick and thin.

Work Consistently

The biggest killer of plans is a lack of consistency. You’ll succeed by deciding what you want to change and sticking with the same routine every day. Establish a habit of listening to your subliminal messages every day and following a systematic approach.

Be Patient

One reason people fail is that they want instant results. Don’t let that trap get you. Start with one habit or goal and consistently do something every day to establish an automatic routine. Any time your routine gets interrupted, pick yourself up and keep going.

If quitting is your issue, then start with subliminal affirmations for staying persistent and never quitting.

What Can Subliminal Programming Actually Do?

You may find some people making outrageous claims about what subliminal technology can actually do. For example, Some claim that using subliminal messages can make you grow taller or magically manifest money.

Subliminal methods aren’t magic. They are constrained by the capabilities of the human mind and body.


I got results from using subliminal software to make subliminal affirmation messages quickly and easily.  I was able to succeed because I followed a plan and persisted for a year. 

Along with my personal experience is the research showing that subliminal technology can help you along for something you are primed to do. You can capitalize on this principle by having specific things you want to accomplish and crafting subliminal affirmations to support your goals.

I hope you can achieve great success and happiness in life!



Strahan, E. J., Spencer, S. J., & Zanna, M. P. (2002). Subliminal priming and persuasion: Striking while the iron is hot. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 38(6), 556–568.