Total Money Magnetism Review

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Beth Janssen

Hello! My name is Beth and I have a short story about my experience with the Total Money Magnetism Program by Doctor Steven Jones.

My husband passed away 2 years ago after a long illness and I was left with over $60,000 in debt after all the dust settled. My job as a teacher paid barely enough to get by.

My husband James took care of all finances so I had no idea what to do. A friend recommended the Total Money Magnetism program to me because she had good results following it.

I had fantastic results. After following the program, I learned financial principles and developed a mindset to tackle my financial problems. Within 11 months I had paid off my debt and increased my income by 50%. I followed the simple ideas from the experts in the program and was successful.

I really appreciate my friend and Doctor Jones for putting together a program someone like me could easily follow and be successful.

Total Money Magnetism Review

With this program, you will rewire your mind for prosperity, success, and financial freedom.

Easy Step-by-step Process

Total Money Magnetism is a step-by-step personal development program. Simply follow the simple, easy process and build success, riches, and financial freedom. There is nothing recycled or rehashed here.

Total Money Magnetism

You will become successful in any financial situation by rewiring your brain. The Total Money Magnetism program is solely focused on your financial success.

This approach goes beyond the law of attraction.

Dr. Jones’ program is based on his financial troubles and failures as an individual. From his personal experience, he outlines six essential tactics for replacing a poor attitude with one of abundance and prosperity.

Total Money Magnetism Features

The program features an array of powerful tools to condition your mind for abundance and teach you the secrets of the ultra-rich.

Digital Ebook and Audio Book

The program contains a simple step-by-step 197-page digital book and an audio version, which you can download from the member’s area. The Topics Include:

Part One: Hypnosis, Your Weapon of Mass Wealth Attraction (5 Chapters). Instantly Eradicate Your Self-Destructive Thoughts, Toxic Beliefs, And Anti-Productive Behaviors.

Part Two: The Five Fundamentals of Ultimate Money Magnetism. Ignite Your Innate Creative Powers To Attract Abundance.

Part Three: The 10 Secret Success Principles of the Ultra-Wealthy. Follow The Simple Trail Of Secrets Laid Down By Super-Successful Billionaires.

Part Four: How to Get the Most Out of Your Wealth. Condition Your Brain To Naturally Access Moneymaking Power And Hyper-Wealth Creation.

Audiobook version of Total Money Magnetism. Accelerate and reinforce your learning by listening to the audio version when you commute, exercise, or just relax on the porch.


A Six-step Audio Program For Creating a Millionaire’s Brain.

There are six powerful and highly effective hypnosis audio recordings in this collection. Use these to completely recondition your mind for massive financial success.

Step One: Releasing Fear of Failure (33 minutes)

Step Two: Releasing Fear of Success (34 minutes)

Step Three: Discovering Abundance (39 minutes)

Step Four: Programming Your Millionaire Brain (37 minutes)

Step Five: Millionaire Success Strategies (36 minutes)

Step Six: Passive Income Creation (35 minutes)

Three Brain Training Audios

You receive three audio programs that condition your mind for wealth as a bonus.

Hypnosis Set

Bonus MP3 tracks for Platinum Millionaire Mind Makers. 

Defeat procrastination, unleash unlimited creativity, and achieve unlimited motivation within a few weeks!

Fast Money

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Millionaire's Mindset

The Millionaire’s Mentality: Join us for an exclusive conversation with self-made millionaires from real life to learn how to move from $100,000 in debt to millions of dollars in the bank…

Total Money Magnetism Benefits

  • Automatically condition your mind for massive financial success. Find unlimited motivation, overcome procrastination, and find unlimited creativity.
  • Learn how to create incredible wealth from self-made millionaires. These audio programs will condition your mind. Self-made millionaires teach you to attract wealth using step-by-step actions in video training. This training is tailored to what you need to do to grow your wealth.
  • The program is easy to follow and understand. This ensures you will finish the whole program. There’s no chance you quit because of complex or difficult concepts.
  • Improve your brain’s speed, strength, creativity, and better ability to think. Completely rewire your subconscious mind for success and wealth by erasing limiting thoughts and habits.
  • Conditioning your brain to automatically attract your money dreams: Incorporates neural pathways and reprograms your subconscious. Consequently, you will reprogram your mind to remove limitations and achieve wealth no matter what!
  • The power of programming eliminates doubts or fears that keep you from succeeding: It eliminates mental blocks that prevent you from becoming successful.

Total Money Magnetism Pros

  • You can read the book any time or place and listen to the audio version on the go.
  • Lots of resources to help you succeed.
  • Powered by Neuroscience, as illustrated in the ebook.
  • It is easy to understand and follow.
  • Expert guidance from self-made millionaires.
  • Fully refundable for a full 60 days.

Total Money Magnetism Cons

  • The program is narrowly centered around wealth-building steps and brain conditioning. 
  • A follow-up plan is essential. If not, the principles will fade. 
  • Must be carried out consistently for a month.

Total Money Magnetism Recommendation

It is a well-organized and well-designed program. It is a great aid for anyone who struggles with money, has no idea why, and cannot break the cycle. With this program, your mind will be retrained to overcome limiting thinking that you may not have even realized you had.