101 Perfect Affirmations for Self Love


I have been using positive affirmations for self love and other goals successfully for years. You might wonder why it has been years if it actually works.

It’s because affirmations are just an extension and deliberate control of the self talk everyone always uses. It never ends like showering and bathing are never over for good. You have to start all over again the next day.

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Do self-love affirmations work?

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Affirmations for self love absolutely work! The most important factor that determines if they work for you is your persistence and consistent application of your affirmations.

Good thought and positive thinking aren’t perfect or all-powerful though. Affirmations might not work for everyone because some of us may have mental health issues.

Remember that poor self-esteem and other negative thought patterns are frequently associated with mental health issues such as sadness and anxiety.

Please consult a mental health professional if you struggle greatly with sadness, anxiety, fear, or poor self-image.

How to Use Affirmations for Self Love

Affirmations are your repeating ideas and thoughts that might be positive or negative. As you express these ideas to yourself, you feed them into your subconscious mind, which eventually defines your mental attitude. 

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“It takes time and consistent practice to succeed.”

If you want to increase your self-love, feed yourself positive affirmations daily. Over time, you will become more positive. However, beware of the rejection you may experience from your subconscious mind at first. Instead, persist, and you will reap the rewards of affirmations soon enough.

1. To make affirmations work for you, you must push hard to adjust your self-talk to support the feelings and emotions you wish to expand.

2. Express the affirmations in the present tense, “I am,” rather than “I want to be” or “I wish I were.” When you shift your thoughts to the present tense, you gain control over the neural connections in your brain. It also allows you to achieve incredible things.

3. Choose positive affirmations that match your life or adjust and adapt them to make them work better for your circumstances.

Integrating positive affirmations into your everyday life is personal. So, you need to cultivate the habit of affirmations if you want them to work in your life.  

Implement Your Affirmations

Follow these steps to implement affirmations for self-love into your daily life.

  • Choose one affirmation that you feel a connection within an area where you need to boost your self-love. It’s okay to use different words than any of the examples below. Use words that come naturally to you.
  • Set a reminder or connect your affirmation with a trigger. Set a reminder on your digital device to repeat your affirmations at regular times. You can also choose something that regularly happens to use as a trigger to repeat your affirmation. For example, you might criticize yourself when you make a mistake. You can use that as a trigger to repeat your affirmation.
  • Keep a journal and write down your affirmation in the morning and at the end of the day. You only need to spend a minute or two doing this.
  • Make a regular habit of repeating your affirmations and changing to a new affirmation after a few weeks. We all talk to ourselves constantly every waking moment. Take control of your self-talk, and your self-love will blossom. 

Speed up your progress by keeping a journal.

Carry a journal with you at all times and record your ideas. The act of writing allows you to properly integrate your thoughts into your brain far faster than typing them out. Writing them down makes them more deliberate.

This approach helps you identify the negative commentary in your mind and highlight the moments when these negative ideas occur. 

thought journal
  • Whenever you discover yourself thinking negatively about yourself or your life, please write it down in your journal.
  • Rewrite the negative concept into something positive that negates the negative message. Make sure you write it in the present tense and include the phrase “I am.”
  • Repeat this new thought as many times as you want for as long as you want.

Note the date and time and some information about the scenario that is causing you to have negative thoughts. 

You will be able to spot patterns in your thoughts and actions. These “triggers” may result in terrible outcomes, or you may be able to rewrite the link to something that results in a favorable outcome.

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101 Affirmations for Self Love

These affirmations to boost and build your love and acceptance for yourself are divided into categories to make it easier to implement them in your daily life.

Self Image (26)

I am sufficient. I accept myself unconditionally.

God loves me completely.

I love myself and my imperfections that make me unique. 

I believe that I deserve love.

I recognize my self-worth; my confidence is flying.

I am brimming with strength and gushing with joy.

My body is strong; my mind is gifted; my soul is peaceful.

I am above negative thoughts.

I have endless talents that I begin to use now.

I forgive anyone who has harmed me in my past and calmly disconnect from them.

A stream of compassion rinses away my anger and displaces it with love.

I have the qualities I need to be very successful.

I am full of Creative energy that guides me to new and profound ideas.

I choose happiness now.

I have unlimited ability to overcome my challenges; my potential to succeed is unstoppable.

I am daring and brave. I stand up for myself.

I am overflowing with positive thoughts, and I am prosperous.

Today, I leave my old habits and embrace new, more positive ones.

I am loved, respected, and appreciated. 

I have amazing family and friends.

Everything that happens now is for my ultimate good.

I radiate confidence and happiness.

I wake up with strength in my heart and clarity in my thought. 

My fears melt away. 

I am in harmony with all that has happened in the past, present, and future.

I forgive myself for my mistakes and failures. 

Self Acceptance (35)

I accept myself as I am right now.

I accept myself completely.

I accept myself as a source of love.

I’m content with where I am now.

I am proud of who I am.

I am perfect precisely the way I am.

I’m making my love.

I am sufficient.

I am complete.

I’m always learning, improving, and striving to be my best self.

I am deserving of love, flaws, and all.

I am entitled to happiness.

I have both strengths and flaws, just like everyone else.

Nobody is without flaws.

Every one of us is a work in progress.

I have faith in myself.

I’m going to treat myself as if I were a buddy.

I am stunningly distinctive.

I’m proud of who I am.

I’m not afraid of my emotions.

I’m exactly where I need to be.

I have the radiance of a diamond.

I will not apologize for being myself.

I have much to be thankful for.

I can feel all of my self-hatred slipping away.

I’m letting go of my criticism and judgment.

I am a blessing to the world.

I’m prepared to deal with anything that comes my way.

I’m done with self-pity.

I lavish myself with kindness.

My relationship with myself is really important to me.

I am capable of reaching my objectives.

I’ve got a lot to offer.

I prefer to think positively.

I am aware of my limitations and grateful for the abilities that I possess.

Self Forgiveness (22)

I am a human being.

Everyone makes mistakes from time to time.

At the very least, I tried.

I should be gentler with myself.

I’m learning from my errors.

I’m able to let things go and go on.

Beating myself up isn’t going to help.

I will continue to attempt.

It is never too late to make a change.

My difficulties are opportunities.

I’ve decided to let go of the past.

My history has no bearing on my future.

I free myself from the burden of my regrets.

I revoke my authorization to punish myself for my mistakes.

I’m getting wiser by the day.

My failures are accepted, but they do not define me.

I am tenacious.

I give it my all, and that is all I can do.

I respect my life’s course.

My goal is to make progress rather than to achieve perfection.

My willingness to keep going defines my level of success.

I resolve to get out of my mind and into the world.

Self Confidence (18)

I’m certain!

I am strong.

I am Steadfast.

I’m pleased with myself!

I am fearless, and I performed an excellent job!

I’ve earned it!

I adore my defects.

Everyone makes errors!

I’m confident in myself and know that I am infinite!

I can accomplish everything I set my mind to!

Step outside of your comfort zone.

I am a leader; I do not need to be flawless!

I’m quite capable.

Everything is going to be okay!

I am tenacious!

My world is under my control.

I AM sufficient.

Everything is understandable.

The Final Thought on Affirmations for Self Love

You can accelerate your progress by using a good subliminal program. For example, I use the Mindzoom program to create unique subliminal messages for myself that I can listen to 24/7.

Here is a link to Loyd’s complete review of Mindzoom after a full year of use that thousands have used to discover how to accelerate their progress with affirmations.

Best wishes in your pursuit of success, happiness, and love!


Mindzoom 3.0 Review

NEW MindZoom 3 | Review After One Year

I used this modern subliminal software for over a year and you won’t believe my results. I took the time to write a thorough report. — Loyd

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