5 Surefire Steps To Achieve Your Dreams

Beth Janssen

You have a goal. You have the ambition to achieve your dreams, but something is holding you back. You lack confidence, think you can’t do it, or don’t deserve it.

Start thinking, start taking action, start achieving goals, and start living the life you want. You deserve to realize your goals and aspirations – no matter what they are!

How To Achieve Your Dreams In 5 Surefire Steps

Arnold Schwarznegger
Arnold Achieve Your Dreams

Step 1: The 6 Secrets From Arnold To Realize Your Dreams

These 6 Secrets For Obtaining Your Life Goals will help you by guiding you with the right mindset to accomplish what you want and change your life. 

If you want to make your dreams come true, you must focus on the important areas of your life. 

  1. Believe in yourself. You must dig deep within yourself and decide who and what you want to be. Prepare yourself to deal with obstacles that you may face when you set a goal. Find a strong purpose in life to help in staying motivated to obtain your dream life.
  2. Break the rules. You can’t be unique and stand out if you always follow the same rules as everyone else so think outside of the box.
  3. Don’t fear failure. All successful people overcome many failures because it’s impossible to succeed without failing many times.
  4. Ignore the naysayers. Every successful person has had to endure others telling them they can’t do it or some other negative attitude. Ignore it!
  5. Work your rear off. You have to put in effort to move forward and get results so waste less time and work more.
  6. Give something back. Once you taste the fruits of your hard work, take time to give something back to your community.

Step 2: Prepare Your Mind To Attain Your Dream Life

Achieve Your Dreams

What if, rather than just dreaming about financial security, we tried to make sure we were also in the right state of mind?

Financial stability alone is a challenge for most people due to the many economic issues in the world.

Many people put their lives on hold to build a bank account that allows room for other aspects of their lives. 

How about preparing ourselves for the financial freedom we spend sleepless nights trying to achieve? We’re sure we won’t lose ourselves when we make it in life or when things turn out unexpectedly. Many people mistakenly think that their dreams only involve getting their accounts ready to accept money. 

How much have they achieved simply by having money in their bank accounts? Here is where an individual’s capacity for dreaming big comes into play.

It is important to be careful not to focus too much on one aspect of our lives when daring to dream and achieve what we dream. As we strive to maintain what we have already accomplished, we must not overlook the things that will serve as our support system. 

Historically, many people have had it all. While some lost everything and lost their minds, others committed suicide, others ended up in prison, and others picked themselves up and learned from their mistakes.

In daring to dream and working toward achieving those dreams, we should consider that life is bigger than achieving one dream. To sustain that dream without losing ourselves, we have to develop the other areas of our lives. As one’s income increases, one’s responsibilities also increase. Have you dreamt big enough to be prepared?

Step 3: Plan And Model Success To Make Your Dreams Happen

Dreaming without taking action is pointless. The dreamer has to invest time and effort to become a reality. To achieve dreams, we need to be motivated, to have a reason for dreaming. 

Human beings can always benefit from knowing that their lives have a purpose.

You are challenged to be better versions of yourself and fiercely compelled to use your talents to improve the world around you. However, the first step is to discover who you really are and your purpose before achieving your dreams. By mapping out the proper steps to follow and other things you should consider in your goal setting, you can identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

You should find out if someone has already taken the same path as yours and research their experiences. Find out why some people failed, and others succeeded in the same path. Then adjust your action plan accordingly. Gather all the information you need to succeed. There are many resources available on the internet. Even though we cannot dismiss the importance of hard work, it is equally important to avoid exhausting ourselves mentally and physically.

Step 4: Bring Your Vision To Life By Acting On Your Goals

Act on Your Goals
Act on Your Goals!

Have you ever wondered why you fail to reach your goals? You probably have. Unfulfilled desires plague many people, and some have managed to work towards achieving them, while others have given up.

There is only one difference between those who keep going and those who quit: How badly do I want this?”

According to the Law of Attraction, your feelings combined with your thoughts and actions, align with the Universe and give you results that mirror you. How much you want something is one aspect of accomplishing your dreams.

You may have specific goals that are more important than others. We all do. You know, that one goal that you genuinely wish to attain, but it seems you are nowhere close to reaching it. You may be asking yourself why your goal seems so far out of reach when they desire to attain it is within you. The answer to that question is quite simple. You are not acting on it. 

The first step towards accomplishing anything is desire. Once you desire to have something, the only thing that can stop you from getting what you want is failing to act. It’s as simple as that. It does not matter how bad you want something. If you don’t act on it, you will never have it. 

A story is told of a young man who desired riches. One sad afternoon as he sat in his garden, he pondered upon many ways he could fulfill his heart’s desire. He looked at his talents and thought of how he could use them to get what he wanted. As he wrestled with his thoughts, he decided: “I only have two talents; I will use them to get the riches I desire, and I will not rest until I achieve it.” That was his decision. 

He began acting on his desires by seizing every opportunity he had. As long as it was in line with his abilities, he never let any opportunity pass him by. This went on for four years, and much to his dismay, he still hadn’t achieved the riches he desired. So, he went back to the same place he was in when he came up with the idea of using his talents to fulfill his desire. He recalled everything that led him to the decision to act on his desires, and he remembered everything he had done to reach his goal.

He considered four years of pain and sweat that failed to bear him favorable results and asked himself: “How badly do I want this?” Remembering how his desire was more important than his failure, he chose to give it another year. Months passed, and he was still in the same place before deciding to act. Without thinking of quitting, he thought, “How badly do I want this?” and thought, “I desire to be rich, and I will not rest until I attain those riches.”

So, he decided to keep going, but he had a different approach. Instead of seizing every opportunity he got, he focused on a few things he was exceptionally good at. He began turning down offers and accepting only those that added more value to his clients and himself. He focused on accepting work that gave him more flexibility while allowing him to continue perfecting his abilities. Most importantly, he had weekly, monthly, and yearly goals. 

He set aside a certain amount of money every week, month, and year and continued working while perfecting his skill. Many years later, he finally reached his goal and got the riches he desired. 

As important as desire is, without action, it remains a wish. If you are going to live the life you want, start acting on your desires and remember there are a few things you need to understand and accept:

  • Patience is a big key to success. You will not get what you want overnight because patience requires bringing your vision to life. Therefore, you will have to be patient with yourself on your journey to success. You have to make a decision that you will never quit. Decide how bad you want what you desire and conclude that you will keep working on it even if it takes years. 
  • You will fail a couple of times and even a hundred times, but you will learn a valuable lesson with every failure. 
  • You may have to change your approach once in a while to get what you desire. This means you may have to change your initial plan unexpectedly if you are serious about reaching your goals. 
  • You have to work smart, focus on the kind of work that adds more value to your life, and prioritize producing quality work for the people you work with or the people you work for.


Remember, you can bring your vision to life by acting on your goals, being patient, flexible with your methods, and working smart.