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2 Tricks to Make Him Want You More

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2 Tricks to Make Him Want You More

Follow the shrewd advice below and develop an engaging personality to make a man desire you more. Make yourself sizzle by being confident, kind, and independent. Wear flattering ensembles that show off your most alluring qualities. Make sure to subtly flirt, mirror his body language, and smile when you’re talking with him.

1. Craft a more attractive personality.

Men are attracted to confident women who are sure of themselves, so don’t apologize for who you are. Openly enjoy the things that you like without feeling self-conscious. At the same time, be tolerant and accepting of who he is.

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Be kind.

People are naturally attracted to kindness. Show compassion and regard to those around you, and you’ll be more attractive. Be patient and understanding, help others, and don’t make people wait for you by being late. Finally, show interest by asking how things are going, and smile a lot. 

Be open to new things.

You want him to know he can be with you and still do things he enjoys. If the things he enjoys are a bit uncommon, he may genuinely value someone who shows real curiosity in them. For instance, if he keeps peculiar collections, ask about them instead of lifting an eyebrow. 

Be positive.

If you try to be positive in your day-to-day life, he will feel attracted to your positive energy. Try to notice negative thoughts and uncover new ways to frame the situation. 

For example, someone may cut you off in traffic. Instead of saying, “How inconsiderate!” Imagine the person has a good reason like being late for a job interview, or maybe his child was rushed to a hospital.

Give him his space.

A man needs to feel like he’s free to be himself, which demands some alone time. Appreciate that space by having your own interests outside of him. If he notices you’re more self-reliant, he’s likely to want you more. For example, if he asks you out when you already have plans with friends, don’t be quick to cancel your plans for him. Instead, make plans with him for the next night.

Try waiting a few hours before responding to his texts or messages. Look for the right balance between being unavailable and too available, so he has a chance to miss you while staying in touch.

Keep your conversations interesting.

Don’t let talks get dull or repetitious. If the conversation seems to be dying down, bow out or change the topic. 

Keep a dialogue going by asking the right questions. You can always fall back to asking about things he likes. For example, if he enjoys sports, ask about his favorite teams.

2. Flirting Effectively

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Touch him.

Find small ways to touch your guy lightly to indicate that you’re interested and leave him longing for more physical contact. If you’re comfortable, nudge him a bit with your elbow during a conversation or touch his forearm or hand a bit when you’re speaking. If he touches back, it’s usually a sign he’s interested in you as well.

Compliment him.

Inject small compliments into the talk. Be sure they are genuine because he’ll probably be able to tell if they aren’t. Look for moments where you can naturally say something about him you like.

Smile and make eye contact.

Smiling is a perfect way to be flirtatious and cute. Smile and nod in agreement a lot. Try to laugh a bit at his jokes and smile more when he says something charming or interesting.

Eye contact helps, so hold his gaze for a few seconds and then glance away.

Emulate his body language.

It may seem odd, but people are drawn to those who subtly imitate their body language. You don’t have to emulate everything he does but copy slight gestures. For instance, if he crosses his legs, cross yours as well.

Try imitating hand gestures. If he waves his hands around as he speaks or makes a point, you do the same. 

If he is tilting in towards you, tilt in towards him too. 

Send him a text.

You may want to send your guy a flirty text. Don’t make it blatantly flirty if you haven’t reached that kind of relationship yet. Just reveal that you’re thinking of him. For example, you could send a brief text that says, “How was your day?”

I’m sure you’ll have great success in love and life!


VIDEO >> “One Wicked Little Trick” to make him long for you.

Sylvia McClure

Sylvia McClure, CRS is a relationship counselor from Aarhus, Denmark with over 12 years of experience.