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5 Proven Steps to Make Him Miss You Like Crazy

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5 Proven Steps to Make Him Miss You Like Crazy (#3 will surprise you)

STEP 1: Create Stimulating Experiences Together

To make him miss you and long for you, build an element of romantic love and emotional affection for you inside of him. You can create that by sharing interesting, exciting, or unusual experiences.

Most men have a masculine identity, so they are more detached than women. When dating, you can’t expect a man to be attached like you would be. If you’re not dating and you’ve already formed an attachment with this man, then you’re halfway there.

If you want a man to yearn for you, it’s a good idea to focus on the emotional attachment he has to you. That’s where shared experience comes in to play.

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Plan experiences with a hint of danger—something like bungee jumping or riding a rollercoaster together. Other ideas are walking over a rickety old bridge together or exploring a place you’ve never been before. 

Build memories together that make it easy for him to long for you and want to see you.

Scary Carnival Ride

STEP 2: Give His Masculine Spirit The Gift Of Gratitude

He’ll feel a ton more attached to you if you convey to him what his heart desires. And almost every masculine spirit needs and desires appreciation. So, make an effort to see what he works hard at, and be the one who gives his masculine heart the gift of gratitude.

Make a sincere effort to feel appreciation and communicate specific gratitude. Generic “I appreciate you” may sound insincere and come off as flattery. Listen when he discusses business and ask questions about his work. Then use what you know to be complimentary and grateful.

STEP 3: Permit Yourself The Blessing Of Missing Him

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This longing you feel when permitting yourself to miss him will rouse a response in him. It will encourage him to come near to you and become more emotionally connected to you. This is because of your heart, your soul, and your body wants him.

You can’t just invite one heart to long for another. You want two hearts yearning for each other. And if you only want to make him crave you but you never long for him, perhaps you need to reconsider. Do you really want to be that self-centered and manipulative?

Yearning for each other creates a quality pair bond and not just some bizarre relationship where one is manipulating another to want them all the time.

So drop hints sometimes that you were thinking about him while you were apart. Be specific about what you were thinking. Don’t overdo it though.

STEP 4: Give Him What Other Women Won’t

  • You need to meet him where he is at now.
  • Comprehend why he does things, what he sees as valuable.
  • Learn to understand him and express to him that you get him.

Think about this for a moment. What can you give your man that no other woman can? Sex? Your radiance? The gift of your unique energy?

One thing you can give your man that no other woman can give him is a soul-to-soul connection. It’s a unique connection. Only the two of you can share where you both feel like you know each other deeply and intimately.

But, you have to genuinely know each other to have this connection.

make him miss you

You can achieve this by knowing and appreciating the differences between masculine and feminine. You need to have a complete knowledge of the male perspective.

Many people will tell you that you don’t need to understand men. 

However, that’s not the path to charm a man to give you what you need! You can’t just wait for him to provide you what you want first. 

You need to meet a man where he is at now. Comprehend why he does things, what he sees as valuable. Express to him that you get him.

STEP 5: Be Genuine

Genuine people who possess magnetic charisma are attractive because we trust them. We can feel that they aren’t concealing their true selves.

We connect with individuals whose flaws are so well etched into their personalities that their existence feels like a work of art. Their existence feels like a godsend in your life.

Don’t get me wrong. Everyone is unique, but we don’t all express our uniqueness entirely. Because we are fearful, or we are hiding away. 

Don’t conceal your real heart. Remove the disguises and let all aspects of you come to life!

I only wish for you the very best in love and life!


VIDEO >> “One Wicked Little Trick” to make him long for you.


Sylvia McClure

Sylvia McClure, CRS is a relationship counselor from Aarhus, Denmark with over 12 years of experience.