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10 Unpredictable Ways to Entice Him to Think About You Constantly

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10 Unpredictable Ways to Entice Him to Think About You Constantly

Is your guy thinking about you right now? Wouldn’t you love to always be able to answer that question with a vibrant yes!

Well, there are ways to command your guy’s roaming mind to always return to thoughts of you. Picture him now, trying to concentrate on his work, yet his mind is drawn to fantasies of you.

With a few well-placed hints in the morning, weaved with occasional, well-timed triggers during the day, he won’t be able to get his mind off you.

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Here are 10 things to do now to make him desire you so badly he can’t stop thinking about you:

1. Start subtly, first thing in the morning.

Walk around as long as you can in your undies and “accidentally” graze up against his body as you are getting ready for work. Slip in a few subtle flashes in which you bend over suggestively. Your guy won’t be able to handle it.

2. Passionately kiss him (or if you think he can bear it …)

At the last moment, before he has to go or you have to go, give him a kiss he can’t forget easily — one that leaves him seriously thinking about calling in sick. Make it a long, arousing kiss that will ignite his passion.

You might like to try the more direct approach by starting a particular act but not finishing it.  

3. Secretly slip in something naughty for him to discover.

Alright, if you have a theatrical flair, try this. Nothing will make your guy think about you more intensely than slipping a pair of your hottest underwear into his briefcase, bag, or laptop compartment. Ensure you put them somewhere safe so they can’t accidentally pop out in front of anyone else.

If you’re a little less daring, slip a perfumed scarf into his bag instead of a more intimate item. At first, he will be startled when he discovers your scarf, but when he senses your scent on it, he will get the idea.

He will recognize that you are trying to surprise him with small things like this and he will think about you all day.

4. Call or text your guy with a titillating message.

Send an alluring voice or text message to him by just saying, “Mmm …”

As long as you aren’t continually messaging him, a short, suggestive text or call from you will surprise him with a sensual sign of your desire for him.

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5. Share a slightly suggestive photo.

Even if you’ve sent seductive selfies for his private viewing before, send one that leaves him imagining.

Send a photo of your undies drawer or of your undies tossed on the bed. Try a shot of just the nape of your neck. Ensnare his imagination with erotic tidbits.

6. Write him a fiery, passionate note.

Ditch your tech and physically pen a note seething with lust. Keep it short and write it on a slip of colored paper. Slide it inside his pocket for him to discover later as a seductive reminder of you. Be as subtle or sensual as you like.

7. Do something surprising.

If you always get together after work, vary things spontaneously. Stun your guy by showing up outside his office in an overcoat with nothing on underneath. Or ask him to meet you at a bar you’ve never been to and tell him he has to call you by the name “Cleopatra.”

He’ll be thinking you’re slightly off your rocker in a captivating way.

8. Listen to him.

When he wants to talk, listen intensely. Sometimes we are so distracted that we don’t give our full attention. If he doesn’t react to your flirting, ask him what’s on his mind.

Then focus entirely on him and encourage him to share what’s going on. Then, repeat back what you think he said so he knows you listened and understood.

9. Praise his bedroom talents.

Tell him what you treasure about his lovemaking prowess. Tell him how great it makes you feel. Believe me, he wants to hear you praise his performance. And, you’ll stimulate him to come up with more ways to delight you.

10. Be silly and playful.

While it may seem so, all these tips don’t require you to be overtly seductive to make him think of you. Don’t get stuck on being sensual. You know yourself and your partner. You have some idea of what might work, so put your unique spin on everything.

Do random silly things. Wrestle him on the couch or bed. Dab some whipped cream on your nose. Or think of a quirky and unpredictable way to lure him into the bedroom.

Make him laugh and have fun together.

If your guy feels good when he is with you, if you make him laugh and love your nonsense, he will frequently think about you when you aren’t around.

He’ll long to hear your voice. You’ll be the one who can best cheer him up he’s is down. You’ll be his reason to smile even if he is feeling bad.

You don’t always have to anything special, just be yourself and signal that you enjoy being with him as well.

It’s all about the small things because they add up quickly. Try one new alluring thing a week to keep your relationship exciting for both of you.


VIDEO >> “One Wicked Little Trick” to make him long for you.

Sylvia McClure

Sylvia McClure, CRS is a relationship counselor from Aarhus, Denmark with over 12 years of experience.