How To Make Subliminals Work
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How to Make Subliminals Work


My first experience with subliminal messages for personal growth and self-improvement was through the Tony Robbins Personal Power materials. The subliminal recordings didn’t work for me mainly because I couldn’t stand the music. I listened a couple of times and quit using them.

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This is how to make subliminals work:

  •  Make a list of your most important values.
  • Use your values as a guide to plan your course.
  • Set SMART goals and get started right away.
  • Choose a good subliminal audio tool that also flashes visual subliminals.
  • Give yourself permission to succeed. Stay away from negative influences and identify your own mental blocks to success.
  • Stay away from negative influences and identify your own mental blocks to success.
  • Create the right kind of present tense subliminal affirmations that support your goals.
  • Visualize doing the activities that result in achieving your goals.
  • Don’t visualize the end result only.
  • Develop a growth mindset and keep a gratitude journal.

Do something right now to get started. It’s very effective to always try to do something right away to get started and have momentum.

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Research Confirms That Subliminal Messages Work

Research has good results for subliminal messages in words and images. I’m using a program right now to flash subliminal affirmations on my screen as I work. A review of the program I use is here.

I have had success with this program using visual subliminal messages in losing weight and in keeping a high level of motivation. These are two areas I’ve had challenges with in the past. They are also two personal development areas that require constant work because you can easily fall back into old habits and gain back weight or get lazy.

How to Make Subliminals Work With A Master Plan For Your Life

After deciding on the right subliminal program, you should decide what you want to accomplish in your major life areas. Here are the steps you need to make a master plan:

  • Determine your priorities. Write down what is most important to you now and in the future.
  • Create a list of major goals you want to achieve. Begin with the major goals.
How to Make Subliminals Work
  • Think about where you are now, where you want to be and what you need to do to get from now to then. Then break each goal down into smaller steps you need to get there.
  • Break the smaller steps down to even smaller tasks and start putting completion dates on the tasks. It’s best to focus on only 1 goal at a time from each major area: health, career, relationships, spiritual, financial, education (You don’t have to work on all areas at once.

  • Write your plan. Write down the steps you need along with completion projections. You can also use a computer program or phone app to do this instead of writing on paper. Some people feel more obligated when they write things on paper.

  • Put your plan into action with something you can do right away. Then, review your progress periodically and make new plans to account for changing conditions.

Here is a link to a decent guide to put together a good plan.

Decide Your Goals And Choose Subliminals To Support Them.

As I mentioned before, subliminal affirmations have evidence of working. However, they aren’t a magic device that you just turn on and wake up confident, happy, and successful without a plan and goals.

So I suggest you choose a subliminal tool to make your own specific program to perfectly match your needs.

For me, staying motivated can be an issue at times so I constantly use subliminal messages to keep a high level of motivation. I use subliminal message software to flash messages continuously on my computer monitor while I work.

Allow Yourself to be Successful and Happy

It may seem odd, but you need to give yourself permission right now to be successful and happy without letting yourself feel guilty. If you have bad subconscious associations with success being corrupt or evil, you won’t be able to keep going to achieve your dreams.  You’ll feel some resistance to change.

Identify your resistance. 

When your subconscious minds hold you back from pursuing something It’s because you have a conflicting belief about it.

To identify your resistance, ask yourself why you feel better when you put things off, or why getting what you want might make you feel more vulnerable than ever. Find ways to meet those needs before you proceed.

This is the type of thing  you can address with subliminal messages. Once you identify values and ideas that hold you back, use subliminal messages to replace them with new empowering values and ideas.

So, give yourself full permission to have a meaningful life and to be happy, healthy, wealthy, and successful in every area of your life.  Don’t forget to match your subliminal affirmations with your permissions.

The way people react to news of your success lets you know how well (or not) they’re doing in their lives. If you announce your engagement, the people with happy marriages will be encouraging and excited for you. Unhappy people in miserable relationships will wear you out with warnings and stories of misery.

Just remember. Others are projecting their own fears about their own situations. They have nothing to do with your situation. Don’t let them affect you.

Here’s a video I recommend for dealing with difficult people.

How to Make Subliminals Work With Good Energy.

  • Keep in touch more with upbeat friends and less with Debbie Downers.
  • Whenever you do something to move towards your goals, do a little celebration dance or song. It pays to anchor good feelings with the things that move you closer to your goals. 
  • Say “I don’t” rather than”I can’t” when you think about behaviors you want to change.
  • Don’t follow anyone who makes you feel bad and follow people who post motivational messages, jokes, humor and interesting ideas. Make your news feed a place that helps you grow not hurt you. 
  • For God’s sake, avoid YouTube and other flame throwing, troll infested comments sections.
Create Present Tense Subliminal Affirmations

Though you shouldn’t say things like “I own a convertible,” or “I am the President,” if they are not actually true, you should say things like “I am a happy person” or “I am motivated”.

Here Are Some Examples Of Good Affirmations:

  •  I believe in myself.
  •  I am a happy person.
  •  My life is great.
  •  I adapt easily to any situation.
Mentally Prepare For Future Obstacles Now

Another good technique is to mentally prepare for future obstacles now, before they happen. 

First, to do this, think  about and prepare for obstacles and failures and visualize handling them successfully. This is a tried and true method of improving your success.

Second, failure or fear of failure can be a roadblock for many people. So, you can short circuit this problem now by giving yourself permission to fail. It’s in fact impossible to achieve real success without failures.

Visualize Like This for Success!

Many have advised to visualize in a way that doesn’t help you achieve goals. If you visualize the end result of your desire, it will help you feel better, but won’t help you get there.  If you want to achieve your goal, then you should visualize doing the steps that will get you there. 

Man Jogging

If you want to win the 10k race, you need to train hard now. To get what you want, you will visualize yourself doing the things that will result in the end goal. 

Let’s say you want to win a 10k race.

Then you should regularly visualize:

  •  getting up,
  •  putting on your running gear,
  •  strapping on a water bottle,
  •  and running 10k every day.
  •  Visualize pushing yourself harder every day. 
  •  Imagine yourself monitoring your watch and going for personal best times.
  •  You visualize waking up, getting dressed, going running, and pushing yourself.

This visualization process gives you a chance to win because you’re training to win.

How To Make Subliminals Work With The Right Mindset

Most folks are conditioned to fear failure. We have been told that failure isn’t an option, that to fail is unacceptable. But, this kind of thinking ignores the crucial role that failure plays in our lives. 

If you let your failures stop you, and are a victim of your setbacks, it is time to get a better mindset. 

A Growth Mindset

When you embrace a growth mindset, you can see that failure is a significant part of learning. After all, trial and error is a legitimate form of learning, with the “error” being the most critical part. 

If you try something and it doesn’t work, then you have new information you did not have before. Failure represents new learning that you can apply to your future attempts. 

A growth mindset also allows you to learn more quickly from mistakes. When you have a mentality that embraces mistakes as learning experiences, you more promptly apply this new knowledge to solving the problem laid before you. 

A Rigid Mindset

When you have a hard and fast mindset, you become a victim to your failures. You don’t believe you can improve or grow. You think that failures represent reasons why you ought to stop trying to succeed. 

How do you know if your mindset is fixed? Here are some signs to look for:

  • You quit easily, especially when trying new things.
  • You think that any failure on your part means that you lack intelligence.
  • You often ignore or discredit constructive criticism offered to you.
  • When you succeed, you see it as an affirmation of your inherent intelligence.
  • You actively avoid failure at all costs.
  • You are resistant to challenges.
  • When you see others succeed, you feel threatened.

These behaviors and thought patterns affect your decisions and your ability to achieve your goals in life. Your fixed mindset, which places you in the role of victim to your own failures, is preventing you from becoming the person you want to be. 

It stops you from doing what you most value in this world. You are at risk of not reaching your full potential in life. But it is not too late.

How to Change Your Mindset

Embrace Learning.
You can learn something from every situation and person in your life. You must be open to seeing these opportunities and from receiving these lessons. You‘re never too old to learn new things, and you can do anything to which you set your mind.

Actively Pursue Change.
When you seek out new ideas and experiences, you discover the benefit of trying out new things, whether they work or not. Pursue something new to you to practice taking steps toward a more growth-oriented approach.

Learn From Mistakes.
The next time something goes wrong in your life, ask yourself what you can learn from this experience. What lessons can you apply in the future? What would you change, if you could go back in time? Practice this at every opportunity you can, no matter how big or small the mistake

Take Chances.
Start small, but try something new each day. Take risks you have never taken before. Develop a curious mind about life that encourages you to push yourself outside your comfort zone and try new things. Do it with a commitment that it doesn’t matter if you succeed or not.

How to Be Happier and More Successful Every Day

Research psychologists have tested many ways to affect happiness. One of the best ways they’ve found is to keep a gratitude journal every day. 

Nothing draws abundance to you like being grateful. There’s a wise proverb that once you think you have enough, you are open to receiving much, much more. 

A proven way to put yourself in a mental state of “having” rather than “wanting” is to start a gratitude journal. Expressing thanks for all that you do have, changes your mindset from being hungry for change to feeling happy with what you have now. 

If you want lasting change, you need to make it a habit. Being happy makes everything easier to do. So, if you can make yourself feel happier, it will improve all areas of your life … LIKE MAGIC !!

You only need 1-2 minutes each day to keep your journal.

Choose at least one of these things to write down in your diary. 

You don’t need to write a lot. Just write down the main idea.

  •  Think of something you can feel grateful about and write it down. Read it, think about it, and feel gratitude.
How to make subliminals work - Journal and Pen
Gratitude Journal
  •  Think about the future and imagine that everything you planned has turned out well. You worked hard, overcame problems and achieved your desires. Now feel good about your success.
  •  Remember a fantastic time in your life and how it felt. Choose one experience and relive it in your imagination.

Choose a trigger or anchor to prompt yourself to do your diary. Make it a ritual connected to something you always do every day like drinking your first cup of coffee, brushing your teeth, getting dressed, finishing lunch, getting home from work or school. Use something you always do every day automatically.

Morning, noon or night. It doesn’t matter. Do you want to begin the day with a happy boost? Or maybe you want to reset your mind after a hard day with a happy boost before bed.

Keep your diary in a convenient and prominent place to make it as easy as possible to do.

I have been doing this for almost 2 years and I feel happier now than ever before. Sometimes I forget to do it, but I just pick right back up.

Still other times it seems difficult to think of something to be grateful about or a fond memory. I still write something down to be sure I am consistent and persistent.

Give it a shot and see how much better you feel.

Here’s a link for step-by-step instructions to start a gratitude journal.

How to Make Subliminals Work Conclusion  

Briefly, here are some of the most important techniques:

  • Have specific goals and focus on only one goal at a time.
  • Do massive amounts of repetition.
  • Be consistent every day.
  • Never give up! Be persistent for 30-90 days.
  • Use a combination of methods like visual, audio, and listening during sleep.
  • Visualize the practical steps to complete your desired goals.

Once again, follow these tips and you will see faster results.

I hope you have great success and happiness!


Mindzoom 3.0 Review

NEW MindZoom 3 | Review After One Year

I used this software for over a year and you won’t believe my results. I took time to write a thorough report. — Loyd

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