Does Listening To Affirmations While Sleeping Work?

Loyd Mears

There is some disagreement and misinformation about what you can and can’t accomplish with affirmations.

I remember my wonderful aunt thinking she could learn to speak French by listening to tapes while sleeping.

She couldn’t. Does listening to affirmations while sleeping work?

I have found that it does work for many things. But it doesn’t work for learning a language or any other detailed information.

Does Listening To Affirmations While Sleeping Work?

YES! You can change your mindset and habitual thinking with the right approach to affirmations. You can use affirmations and subliminal messages just before and during early sleep to condition your subconscious.

What Are Subliminal Affirmations?

Subliminal affirmations are those that have been transformed to a subliminal frequency outside of your conscious perception. They are on a frequency that your subconscious can detect. 

You find them on an audio recording created by special software.

You can find many YouTube videos labeled as subliminal. I don’t trust those because I have no idea how they were made.

I use my own subliminal software, and I’ve had great results.

What Can Affirmations Do?

What CAN you accomplish with affirmations? There is science behind claims for affirmations. They can:

Affirmations Work Best Immediately Before Sleeping And Early In Your Sleep Cycle

The best time of day to program your mind with affirmations is around bedtime and during the first part of sleep. For one thing, it’s a quiet time and a time for resting. Your brain should begin to relax when you start falling asleep.

Why Do Affirmations Work Better Just Before And During Sleep?

They work better because your brain wave state makes you more susceptible to suggestions just before sleeping and early in your sleep cycle

Theta Brain State: A chemical produced by your body and mind slows brain activity naturally. The result is that you enter a hypnotic or dream-like theta brain state. 

Theta brain states happen when your conscious mind or awareness is turned off and stimulated by your subconscious mind. This allows the subconscious mind to begin reprogramming.

Accomplishing Something While Sleeping: What is more, you benefit because you’re accomplishing something while you sleep. That’s a time most people only rest and maybe dream.

You can make important changes in your mindset to help you achieve happiness and success at a time you usually waste.

Subconscious Has Complete Control While You Sleep: Your subconscious operates all day, both awake and asleep, but takes entire control when you sleep. Without the distractions of daily life and external stimuli, your subconscious mind has practically complete access to your brain’s resources at night.

Your subconscious mind will recall and act on your affirmations if you listen to them or write them down in the hours before going to bed. It’s the power of the cosmos at work; what we think about the most will come true.

How To Listen To Affirmations While Sleeping

Listening To Affirmations While Sleeping

To be successful with affirmations, you must develop a long-lasting habit. For the best outcomes, you should also concentrate on one task at a time.

Maintain a simple and manageable method: It is much easier to form a habit that you do every night. If a routine is simple, you are more likely to include it into your nighttime routine and do it every night.

  • Listen to affirmations every night while sleeping for the greatest benefit and growth.
  • Find a positive affirmation that you want to listen to while sleeping with headphones or speakers.
  • Choose affirmations that will assist you in changing your current situation and moving closer to your goals.
  • Then drift off to sleep without paying attention to the affirmations playing in the background.
  • I have found success using subliminal affirmations while sleeping and awake.

Your subconscious mind is listening to those affirmations and digesting every word and statement included inside them while your conscious mind is asleep.

Find affirmations that incorporate health comments, for example, if you wish to reduce weight or get more fit.

Affirmations that claim you are deserving and attract riches can help you attract wealth. Learn more about attracting money.

How Long Should You Listen At Night?

For maximum success and benefits, listen to your affirmations for at least 90 minutes during the first sleep phase of the night. Your subconscious mind is most engaged and active here. 

Additionally, listen to your affirmations continuously to enhance their absorption throughout the night. Your subconscious mind retains affirmations more deeply the more times you play them.

How To Write Subliminal Affirmations

Your words are quite potent. With practice, affirmations can help you discover the ability to perform things you didn’t think were possible. Regardless, they are only effective if you believe them. Here’s how to create affirmations that you can believe in and use to achieve all of your life’s ambitions.

1. Determine Your Goals

To begin creating a positive affirmation for your life, consider what you want. Consider what would make you happy and write them down. When creating affirmations, it is critical to be clear about what you desire. Don’t get sidetracked by thinking about how to acquire it.

2. Make a list of the attributes you’ll require.

After you’ve determined what you want, the next stage is to specify the personal traits you’ll need to get it. 

  • What type of person do you need to become?
  • What skills do you need?
  • Who do you need to know?
  • Do you need to be more confident?
  • Do you need to be more thoughtful and considerate?

You should make a list of four to six items. After you’ve written them down, pick a handful that you believe are crucial for achieving your goal.

3. Create an Affirmation

Once you’ve jotted down your desires and characteristics, it’s time to craft your affirmation. You want to write a one- to two-sentence statement that describes the objective and traits in an optimistic and empowering manner. This can be challenging, so write down some ideas as they come to you and recite them aloud.

Best Subliminal Affirmations

The best affirmations define who you are and your personality. They may also describe how you think or feel. 

Here are a few examples.

  • I’m the kind of person who…
  • I’m not the type of person who…
  • I’m in good shape.
  • I enjoy exercising and eating healthy foods.
  • I’m a confident person.
  • I’m the sort of person that has a thirst for challenges.

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Subliminal Affirmations Template

Writing Affirmations
Writing Affirmations
  • Choose one negative idea you have about yourself and write down the positive opposite that refutes it. For example, you may frequently say to yourself, “I make so many mistakes.” In this scenario, you’d write something like, “I am capable and experienced.” 
  • Make your affirmations brief, so they are easier to recall. Even statements of four or five words can be effective.
  • Begin your affirmations with the words “I” or “My.” Because you’re making a declaration about yourself, it’s best if you start with yourself. “I choose to be optimistic” is preferable to “Positive thoughts are entering my mind.”
  • Affirmations should be composed in the present tense. Write as if you’re experiencing what you want right now rather than in the future. “I easily perceive my own worth and value,” for example, is preferable to “I will easily recognize my own worth and value.” 
  • It’s best not to include a time range in your affirmation, such as a certain day or “within three months.” Using limits in your affirmations hampers your ability to absorb them.
  • Affirmations should not begin with “I desire” or “I require.” You don’t want to acknowledge to yourself that you desire and need something. Rather, write your affirmations as an expression of gratitude for already possessing and being what you desire.
  • Make sure that all of your affirmations are positive. If you tell yourself that you are letting go of unpleasant behavior and thoughts, your attention will be drawn to them rather than to what you want to do and be. Words like “don’t,” “won’t,” “am not,” “can’t,” “not,” “doesn’t,” or “am halting” should be avoided. Instead of saying, “I’m getting rid of my unhappy thoughts,” say, “I’m pleased being who I am.”
  • Insert “I am [emotion] about…” or “I feel [emotion]” into your affirmations to add emotion. For example, you could say, “I am thrilled to be able to communicate my thoughts.”
  • Make effective affirmations. If you don’t believe your statement, you’ll be cautious and take tentative moves, confident that you won’t be able to succeed. If you write an affirmation that is truly tough for you to believe, follow it up with another that begins, “I am open to…” or “I am willing to think I could…”

How Long Does It Take For Affirmations To Work?

Affirmations can have an immediate impact. However, it usually takes longer for a permanent effect to appear.


Affirmations take about the same amount of time to work as habit formation or modification.

In just a few weeks, you can create long-lasting changes to your subconscious mind.

According to research, it takes 18 to 254 days to change habits, depending on various factors.

The length of time it takes for affirmations to work is influenced by several things.

Rewiring your subconscious mind requires time and effort. The more repetition you can get in a day, the faster you’ll see improvements.

Several different factors determine how long it takes for affirmations to work.

It all depends on how ingrained your behaviors are. For example, if you’ve had a behavior for a long period, it may take longer to reprogram it. As you become older, your behaviors get more ingrained.

Another factor to examine is the person’s unwillingness to change. Individuals’ tolerance for change varies. As a result, the more open people are to change, the faster they detect it.

Other factors that may affect how quickly you get results are your values and views due to your social and religious background. For example, if you were conditioned that money is evil, that can delay your results in attracting abundance.

Finally, you must have a goal action plan and a strong desire for what you seek that aligns with your fundamental beliefs.

Accelerate Your Results

Five Hacks for Ultra-Fast Affirmation Results

How Can I Know If They Are Working?

There are easy ways to tell if affirmations or subliminal programming has been successful. Because everyone thinks differently, your experience may differ from others. Still, most people exhibit similar tendencies.

Changes in Your Mood or Behavior: You will likely notice changes in your behavior, mood, decision-making, physical appearance, and so on that didn’t exist previously. Many clients tell us their friends, family, and coworkers see their transformation.

How Others React to You: For example, if you’re using abundance programming, others may treat you with significantly more respect and deference if you employ affirmations. Those accustomed to “the old you” may grow enraged by your newfound power and attempt to overpower or keep you in your place.

You Notice Physical Changes: When you utilize weight loss affirmations, you will notice losing weight. However, because your body’s weight changes regularly, don’t expect your results to be a straight slope down.

Dream Effects: You will eventually have more vivid, detailed, and profound dreams. The dream effect occurs because the mind uses dreams to digest daily information, including affirmations. 

Feelings: If you are euphoric, your subconscious will like what it hears, and you will be very happy. On the other side, the inverse may occur, and your mood may plunge. The negative turn occurs due to the subconscious interpreting your reactions based on your thoughts, beliefs, and moral code. Combined with affirmations or subliminal messages, they generate a “reconciliation” subconscious response.

However, because Subliminals pull you out of your comfort zone, some instructions may be perceived as “dangerous” by your subconscious, resulting in negative emotions. Both of these situations are rather brief.

I hope you have wonderful success and happiness in life!


P.S. I use subliminal software to create my own affirmation recordings, and I totally program my mind while working or relaxing on my computer. >> Read More.


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